Changes In Coaching Structure

This is to inform members that Laura has decided to leave the club to be able to focus on her studies and pursue her teaching career which will start in the near future.

We all wish Laura well on her new path!

There will be a new structure put in place to ensure the swimmers are well looked after and continue to enjoy and move forward with their swimming making sure progression and development are a coaching priority.

Should this incur any changes to the training times or schedule you will be informed well in advance but at this time the club does not envisage this.

Julia Murden will return as Head Coach for the Club and she will be assisted by two new coaches who you will be introduced to in June.

Paul Callender has been appointed as Head of Development Swimming in the club and will continue his impressive work with the junior swimmers at both Sport Central and the RGS.

Lucas Lowery will take over the coaching of the Youth Club Squad based at the RGS.

This is an exciting new time for the club as membership continues to grow and the club is thriving.Thank you all for your consistent support and we look forward to 2018/2019 season being great fun and successful for everyone involved.