Rob Rowley - Coach and Teacher


Rob Rowley

Qualifications (relevant to swimming/coaching/teaching):

ASA Level 2 Swimming Teacher (4 core units - to competition stage), safeguarding and protecting children.
Technical Swimming Official (lapsed) - timekeeper, judge
ASA/UKCCC Water Polo Level 1
Various CPD swim courses over past years

Years in Swimming:

Approx. 22 years

Why did you get into coaching?

“My daughter Kathryn swam for RR, I as a father became interested both from a parent helper which progressed to teaching and coaching.  I was on the RR committee doing various jobs.  As my daughter progressed up the club I became more involved, firstly doing the officials exams and then passsed the level 1 and 2 teaching qualifications in 6 months.  From there I either ran junior squads or covered for other coaches.”

Background/List of achievements past and present:

Rob has run junior squads in the past but his work commitments (in the City of London) meant that he could not always commit to the club.He has largely been able to help out with cover and assistant coaching though.

"I developed the Hawley Place Swim School, the aim being to encourage independent school selected swimmers to join the swim club and to develop a team or school competitions. We did very well, medalling at ESSA relay championships and ISA national championships. I was the swimming co-ordinator, responsible for school swimming from year 1 to GCSE levels."

Favourite Pool:


Greatest achievement in swimming/coaching:

See Above

Favourite set:

I enjoy the technical elements of swim teaching/coaching e.g. tumble turns

Most important piece of advice to a swimmer:

Enjoy it and be the best you can be

Other interests/hobbies:

Photography, wildlife, walking, cycling, gardening