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National qualifiers for Summer 2018

National qualifiers for Summer 2018

We are proud and delighted to announce that our qualifiers for this summer's nationals are:

British Summer Championships

  • Ella McEver 50m breaststroke
  • Lauren Brantley 50m, 100m and 200m butterfly
  • Anna Podurgiel 50m and 100m freestyle, 50m backstroke and 50m fly
  • Ally Larson 200m freestyle, 100m fly, 200m and 400m IM
  • Donatus Dragasius 100m backstroke
  • Jackson Olin 100m and 200m backstroke, 50m and 100m fly
  • Alex Borisov 200m breaststroke and 400m IM
  • Alex Coci 100m fly
  • Girls 14-16 years 100m freestyle team (qualifying team Anna Podurgiel, Lauren Brantley, Marlie Rittenhouse and Alexis Lambropoulos)
  • Boys 14-16 100m freestyle team (qualifying team Yann Divet, Danny Markov, Pavle Stamenkovic and Jackson Olin)
  • Men’s 16 and over freestyle team (qualifying team Alex Coci, James Slade, Alex Borisov and Benji Moore)

Swim England Summer Championships

  • Ella McEver 100m and 200m breaststroke
  • Alexis Lambropoulos 400m freestyle
  • Lauren Brantley 200m IM
  • Drew Dill 200m fly
  • Charlie Hyde 100m Free, 50m Free, 400m Free, 200m IM, 100m Breast and 100 Back
  • Leah O'Connell 100m Free, 50m Free, 200 IM, 100m Breast, 100m Back and 50m Fly
  • Anna Podurgiel 200m freestyle, 100m and 200m backstroke, 100m fly and 200m IM
  • Ally Larson 100m freestyle and 50m fly
  • Donatus Dragasius 50m and 200m backstroke, 200m and 400m IM
  • Amir Castronovo 100m and 200m breaststroke
  • Jackson Olin 100m and 200m freestyle
  • Pavle Stamenkovic 50m and 100m freestyle
  • Alex Borisov 100m breaststroke, 200m fly and 200m IM
  • Benji Moore 50m fly
  • Segev Gonen Cohen 400m IM
  • Bryce Puszet 200m backstroke

Swim England National Open Water Festival

  • Brandon Biss