We currently have a small team of hardworking and dedicated officials that provide all of the cover required at both internal and external galas and open meets. However, many of these officials no longer have children swimming with the club and so really do give their time freely. We need to recruit new volunteers to train as officials who can then officiate

As a club, we are required to provide a certain number of officials at each external open meet in proportion to the numbers of swimmers we take - Boldmere is a big club and we often have large numbers of swimmers competing. All too often we fall short of this requirement as there are just not enough volunteers qualified to officiate - those that are qualified are often forced to give their entire weekend. We now run the risk of not being allowed to enter open meets as we cannot fulfil the requirement for officials.

NO EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED TO BECOME AN OFFICIAL! All training is provided by the club and starts with a few hours of theory followed by practical poolside experience at galas and open meets. As we approach the run of internal club meets over the next few months it is a great time to start!

If you would like to sign up or find out more, please contact Natalie Andrews or talk to one of our current officials listed below:
Competitive Development:
Richard Hill
Joanne Bailey

Performance Development:
Natalie Andrews

Junior Performance:
Michelle Arthur
Paul Arthur
Karen Woodhall
Marie Sargeant

Senior Performance:
Caroline Au
Miyuki Karski
Tim Bartley

We would like to recruit 4 - 5 volunteers from each squad to share the workload. The next course is running on June 17th at Castle Vale Swimming Pool so if you would like to attend please contact Natalie Andrews for further information.

If you are interested but unable to make this date please let Natalie know as she can keep you informed of any future course dates.