Boldmere Waterpolo Invitational

Boldmere Water Polo is proud to ANNOUNCE that we are hosting a Warwickshire ASA Invitational Event.  Taking place at Wyndley Leisure Centre on Saturday, September 1, the event will feature four back-to-back regional matches in the pool.

Boldmere Micros will face Northampton in the first game at 5.30 pm, with Boldmere Youths taking on Handsworth Grammar School Old Boys at 6.15 pm.  Boldmere Ladies face Worcester Ladies at 7.15 pm, before a huge rivalry clash between Boldmere and Coventry Men to close the day at 8.15 pm.

Entry is free and it promises to be an evening filled with entertaining clashes which will showcase the skill that our water polo players train hard for.  There will be players from Boldmere in the pool of all ages, ranging from 9 year olds from the Micro squad to those who have represented West Midlands, England, GB and Poland!

If you are interested in seeing what water polo is all about, then please come down to Wyndley on 1st September at 5.30 pm.   We look forward to seeing you there.

If you have any water polo queries or would like more information regarding the event, please email us at [email protected]