A Long Time Ago

In a Galaxy Far Far Away..................

Aquajets used to land in some pretty cool places and have fun in the sun training abroad - inspired by the link above!

The time has come to revisit those the good times and in August 2019 Aquajets will be running a training camp abroad leaving between August 24th and 28th for one week (working around school holidays)

If you are interested in your child attending camp can you please let me know no later than Monday 3rd December so that we can get prices and structure sent out to everyone.(the swimmer would have to be age nine and over and of a competitive level in swimming)

Recently we have been unable to hold camps due to not having enough coaching/team manager cover but this issue has been dealt with and the camp will run on a basis of one adult to every five children under the age of eighteen.

Duncan Edwads from Bodyguards has expressed an interest in attending camp - so we will be travelling with our own land trainer

Location will depend on prices

If you have a credit from a previous camp you will be able to use this towards this camp if you wish as we will be using the same booking agent (refunds from previous camps will otherwise hopefully be issued the first week in Dec)

Email me directly if you want to be informed of details of the camp - there might also be the option for Masters swimming to be available at camp depending on the interest levels

Let the good times role!