Kent Swimming Championships 1st Weekend

Well done to all swimmers who took part in the first weekend of the Kents 2019; medalist or not, to make Kent’s is an achievement in itself. It was great to see a good showing of purple and silver on poolside.


At present Greenwich Royals are in 7th place in the club points table.


From what I can see, here is a list of our swimmers who made it onto the podium (pictures via the twitter links) or into a final – apologies if I’ve missed someone.


Podium finishes


Tom 1st in 1,500 Freestyle (12yrs)


Annie 2nd in 50 Back


Tom 1st and Kevin Cao 3rd in 50 Fly (12yrs)


Tom 2nd in 50 Breast (12yrs)


Bella 2nd in 50 Fly (13yrs)


Martyna 2nd in 50 Fly (11yrs)


Beth 3rd in 50 Breast (17yrs/Over)


Kevin 1st in 50 Freestyle (12yrs)


Other finalists:


Nathan 5th in 1,500 Freestyle (15yrs)

Martyna 5th in 50 Back (11yrs)

Martyna 5th in 50 Freestyle (11yrs)

Annie 5th in 50 Freestyle (12yrs)

Erica 4th in 50 Freestyle (13yrs)

Bella 7th in 50 Freestyle (13yrs)

Annie 7th in 800 Freestyle (12yrs)

Hannah 6th in 800 Freestyle (14yrs)

Beth 6th in 800 Freestyle (17yrs/Over)

Tom 4th in 50 Back (12yrs)

Kevin Cao 5th in 50 Back (12yrs)

Annie 4th in 50 Breast (12yrs)

Melissa 7th in 50 Breast (15yrs)

Tom 4th in 50 Freestyle (12yrs)