Winter League RD 2

Results for the Leicester Winter League rd 2 have now been updated to Team Unify, please check swimmers times for any PB's.  Full results are in documents

Kettering A 25 PB's and 7 DQ's

Kettering B 15 PB's and 5 DQ's

Results Hinckley                                                Results Wigson

1st Hinckley 265                                                1st Loughborough 249

2nd Coalville A 226                                            2nd Braunstone C 204

3rd Burton 190                                                   3rd Oadby & Wigston 189

4th Market Harborough A 164                           4th Hinckley C 147

5th Kettering A 128                                            5th Kettering B 121

6th Wellingborough B 77