Revised March Newsletter 2019

March 2019 Newsletter
Message from Dimitri, Chairman
The Club has achieved significant growth over the last few years and, at the same time, has made significant investments to support this growth. The key to this has always been maintaining a high ethos, with major enablers being strong values, team work, sharing and transparency to all. While we continue to invest in the growth of the club, the Committee feels it is important to ensure you understand how we use the income we receive. Therefore, Nic Harker, our Treasurer, has written the report below to explain our income sources, expenditure and investment activity. Please spend 5’ to read it as it is important for us, as a Club Committee, to provide you with this information and, at the same time, give you the opportunity to support us in our plan to grow further.
If you have any questions or comments, you can reach out to me or any member of the committee poolside or by email. Our contact details can be found on our website.
Dimitri Tsopanakos | [email protected]
Message from Coach Martin, Head Coach
Following a hectic month of County Championship competitions, FSC swimmers took to the pool for a long weekend of races at the Hart Open meet in Fleet.
We had a strong number of competitors taking part in the meet including several ‘first timers’ competing in their first Open meet. Lots of medals were won and one Age Group High Point trophy was awarded to Bea Binding in the 10 year old girl’s category. Loads of PB’s were recorded: 137 out of 188 swims to be precise which is an average of over 70% PB’s for the entire weekend!
A very BIG well done to everyone who competed!
On the 23rd and 24th FSC swimmers were back in the pool racing at the Guildford Regional Qualifying Meet held at the Guildford Spectrum and once again FSC swimmers were in fine form. A total of 64 PB’s were recorded out of 102 swims setting a 63% ratio of improvement: great swimming! In addition, eight new Regional Qualifying times were achieved bringing our Regional Qualifiers to an impressive eleven swimmers qualifying in 23 individual events!
Congratulations to all of our Regional Qualifiers!
Please note the Easter Holiday training schedule:
No Swim – Good Friday, April 19th
No Swim – Saturday, April 20th
No Swim – Easter Sunday, April 21st
No Swim – Bank Holiday Monday, April 22nd
Coach Martin | [email protected]

Special report from Nic, Treasurer Understanding the club’s income sources and expenditure activity
Where does the money go?
Before I took on the role as Treasurer I always wondered “where does the money go that I pay in squad fees each month?”. I am sure I am not the only one thinking this, so I provide this report to bring clarity to the club’s incomes sources and expenditure activity.
Volunteers run the club
I’ll start by explaining where your money does not go. There is a huge amount to do to run a swimming club. This includes: managing membership; booking pools; entering and running meets; officiating; protecting our children’s welfare; organising social events; manning the Sunday desk; ordering and distributing kit; writing this newsletter; running the committee; administering the bills and keeping the accounts. We are a not-for-profit club, run by and for the members, therefore all these actives are undertaken by volunteers, with no payments being made to any of the people who run the club behind the scenes.
Where does the money go?

As you can see in diagram “FSC Cost Split”, coaching and pool costs account for more than 80% of the club’s costs and, as a committee, we keep a close eye on both of these areas.
Great coaching is clearly vital to any swimming club, and we are very fortunate to have a strong team, led by our Head Coach Martin Edwards and a great mix of talented coaches and teachers working with him.
Pool costs is the area where we have the least control because there is a natural limit to the pools available to us, and therefore significant competition for pool time. Pool time costs per hour have been climbing steadily: up by between 7% and 10% last year alone, depending on the pool. This was the main reason that squad fees were increased from September 2018. Therefore, it is integral that we maximise the use of the pool time that we pay for.

On the income side – diagram “FSC Income Sources” – the club is almost entirely reliant on the squad fees that we all pay each month. Income from Swim Meets and Kit largely offset the costs the club incurs for these with one exception: FSC polos and t-shirts for our volunteers, coaches and officials are paid for by the club.
Our budget is set each year in order to minimise squad fees whilst ensuring that the club has the income to fulfil its purpose as a swimming club, and remain financially stable for the long term. Although the club is a not for profit organisation we aim to budget for a small surplus each year and to keep adequate financial reserves to allow us to respond to any unexpected fluctuations in costs or income.

What can you do to help our club?
Please make sure you pay the right fees, on time, each month. We spend a lot of time chasing a small number of families which miss payments or pay the wrong amount.
Secondly, please consider volunteering some of your time to support the club. There is a huge range of things to do which will benefit from the diverse range of skills of the swimmers’ parents and guardians, and which vary in time commitment from ad hoc support at meets, to weekly involvement in the club’s operations. Volunteering is critical to the club’s ability to provide a quality teaching and coaching service for the swimmers.
Please speak to any of the committee members if you would like to help. We can always put willing people to good use! More specifically, the club would like to:
1. run an Open Meet, hosting swimmers from other clubs
2. investigate sponsorship and grant opportunities
Both of these could play a role in moving some of the financial burden of running the club away from us as parents. If you have any knowledge, experience or enthusiasm in any of these areas, please get in touch.
You can also see if your employer has any advertising or donations budget that could be used to support our club. For example, some companies have community or volunteering grants that we could apply for with your help.
Nic Harker | [email protected]

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Please ensure you keep your personal information up to date in On Deck on Team Unify including contact details and health conditions. To check and update this information, please go to On Deck, login and select ‘Membership’ in the menu, then ‘My Account’.
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A group of fourteen Farnham swimmers competed at the 24th annual Bracknell & Wokingham Masters meet on the 2nd March. Thanks to strong swims and a great team spirit we ranked 6th club out of the 39 clubs which entered, including eight gold, six silver and three bronze medals in individual events and three relay bronze medals. The day was finished off with the traditional Curry “Swim Down” (see picture)!