CANCELLED: B&PS ? Spring Long Course Meet
CANCELLED: Basildon & Phoenix Swimming Club – Spring Long Course Meet (1ER190186) - 11-12thMay 2019



Basildon & Phoenix Swimming Club – Spring Long Course Meet (1ER190186) - 11-12thMay 2019


Earlier today, the Executive Committee at Basildon & Phoenix Swimming Club received the news that attempts to repair the pool floor had been unsuccessful. The pool will remain in 25m mode until the latter part of next week, when further works will take place.

It is with profound regret that we need to inform members and our visiting clubs that the BPSC Spring Long Course Meet has been cancelled.

All entry fees will be refunded.
Running the meet in short course format would mean that the event would lose its Level 1 status and times could not be used for summer national qualification.


As such, were the club to make the event short course, it would receive a heavy number of withdrawals. This would in turn reduce the number of parent technical officials, meaning that the meet would be at risk of not being licensed at any level and times would not go on to rankings.

The Executive Committee is acutely aware of the frustration and disappointment this news will bring, particularly to those athletes seeking to post a time in national qualifying window.

For this reason, on hearing the news, the Executive Committee made a request that swimmers seeking an alternative opportunity to post a time in the national qualification window be allowed to enter the London Swimming Summer Time Trials Meet (1LR191473) which is due to take place at the London Aquatics Centre on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th May 2019.

This meet, which was originally open to swimmers from London Swimming clubs only, will now be opened out to enable swimmers from other Regions to enter. Full entry details can be found here:

Please note that, as per their revised conditions of entry, subject to available space, London Swimming may also consider entries from swimmers who fall fractionally short of the qualifying times.

Swimmers are advised to make their entries without delay.

That said, under licensing conditions, swimmers cannot enter the London Swimming event if the Region in which their home club is domiciled is hosting long course championships for their age group at the same time.

Athletes in the 11-14 age group categories from Swim England East Region clubs will not be able to enter the London Swimming Meet, as these age groups will be competing at regional championships. Competitors from other Regions are advised to check their own Region’s schedules.

Basildon & Phoenix Swimming Club apologises unreservedly to all swimmers, parents and club personnel who are affected by this decision. We will seek to provide further information to our members regarding repairs to the pool floor when it becomes available.

BPSC and SLM/Everyone Active are currently working together to ensure a sustainable long-term solution to the issue of the pool floor.

BPSC Executive Committee

9th May 2019


Thank you so much
Lyndsey Motin
Basildon & Phoenix SC Gala Manager
Essex Swimming Events Manager