Swimmers of the Month - March / April


Our first Swimmer of the Month for March is Teegan. Teegan has been chosen this month to say a big Well Done for all the hard work and commitment she has shown to improve her swimming. She has worked especially hard to master her dives from the block and her tumble turns. Teegan has now progressed through to the final stage of the Academy – keep up the good work Teegan!

Our second winner this month is Morgan. Morgan always gives 100% during training sessions and works hard to keep improving. He has built up his stamina and completes the sets given to him in training with ease. Morgan listens to feedback given to him by his coach and therefore is seeing improvements in his technique and skills too. This has meant that Morgan has also recently moved up to the final Academy stage. Well Done Morgan!



For April one of our Swimmers of the Month is Eilish. Eilish has stood out as a winner this month for her hard work and determination that she shows at all her training sessions. I have seen great improvements in Eilish’s strokes and skills and this has led to her being moved up to the next stage in the Academy. Eilish always shows enthusiasm towards her swimming and it’s great to see her enjoying her time in the pool. Keep it up Eilish!

Our next recipient for April’s Swimmer of the Month is Finlay. Fin has been progressing through the Academy stages well and has been picking up the necessary skills quickly. Fin always works hard, listens to his coaches and is eager to keep improving. Fin swam in his first gala for the club this month and did amazingly! Not only did he swim some great times but he was very busy on the night swimming in his own and an older age group. Well Done Fin!