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Camden's Capital Success!


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Swimmers from Camden Swiss Cottage Swimming Club continued their superb season with success at the 2019 London Swimming Championships. The club brought home an astonishing 64 London regional medals, 9 more than achieved in 2018.

The competition was held over 3 weekends in May, with swimmers competing at the London Aquatics Centre and at Crystal Palace National Sports Centre.

19 year old Ally Larson and 12 year old Ava Lambropoulos both proved to be golden by getting to the top of the podium for an amazing 6 gold medals each. Ally took gold in the 200M IM, 400M IM, 50M Butterfly, 100M Butterfly, 200M Butterfly, and 400M Freestyle. She also added silver medals in the 100M and 200M Freestyle events. Ava took her first place finishes in the 50M Butterfly, 100M Butterfly, 200M Butterfly, 400M Freestyle, 200M IM and 400M IM along with a silver medal in the 200M Freestyle.

Donatas Dragasius, 15, and Ella McEver, 14, battled to bring home 6 regional medals each. Donatas took gold in the 200M IM, 100M and 200M Backstroke while taking silver medals in the 50M Backstroke, 200M Breaststroke, and the 400M IM. Ella got her gold in the 50M Breaststroke and the 400M IM while taking silver in the 200M IM, 200M Butterfly, 100M and 200M Breaststroke.

Lucas Bohm, 12, Leo He, 14, and Ines Guimond-Beetham, 11, each took home a handful of medals. Lucas completed a clean sweep of the Breaststroke events by winning the 50M, 100M, and 200M Breaststroke, while also adding a bronze medal in the 50M Freestyle. Leo took gold in the 100M Butterfly, silver in the 50M Freestyle and 50M Butterfly, and bronze in the 100M Freestyle and 200M Butterfly.  Ines, competing in a combined 11/12 category astonishingly produced silver medals in the 50M Butterfly and the 400M IM along with bronze medals in the 400M Freestyle, 100M Butterfly and 200M Butterfly.

Jackson Olin, 17, and Yann Divet, 16, each finished with a gold medal. Jackson won the 200M Backstroke while also finishing with a bronze in the 100M Butterfly. Yann took his gold in the gruelling 1500M Freestyle while adding silver in the 400M Freestyle.

Anna Podurgiel, 17, Alexis Lambropoulos, 15, Pavle Stamenkovic, 17, Nick Finch, 13, all barely missed the top golden spot. Anna placed second in the 50M and 100M Backstroke while finishing third in the 200M Freestyle. Alexis placed second in the 100M and 400M Freestyle, Pavle finished second in the 200M Freestyle, and Nick finished second in the 50M Breaststroke, while also finishing third in the 100M Butterfly.

Additional bronze medals went to Lauren Brantley, 17, in the 200M Butterfly and 400M IM, Brandon Biss, 14, in the 1500M Freestyle, Amir Castronovo, 16, in the 200M Breaststroke, Oliver Wright, 14, in the 50M Breaststroke, and Grace Wylie, 18, in the 200M Backstroke.

Para-swimmers Charlotte Hyde, 17,  and Leah O’Connell, 17, both came away victorious. Charlotte took gold in the 100M and 400M Freestyle. Leah took the top spot in the 50M Butterfly while also taking silver in the 50M and 100M Freestyle.

Team relay events saw the 17 and over team of Ally Larson, Anna Podurgiel, Lauren Brantley, and Georgina Winters take gold in the 4 x 100M Freestyle Relay.  The team of Grace Wylie, Ally Larson, Lauren Brantley, and Anna Podurgiel took silver in the 4 x 100M Medley Relay.

Many of the swimmers used these exceptional performances to propel themselves to National Qualification for either this year’s British Summer Championships or the Swim England National Summer Meet. Camden Swiss Cottage Swimming Club had a banner year with 19 swimmers being invited to swim in National competition. The CSCSC swimmers who qualified are Brandon Biss, Lauren Brantley, Amir Castronovo, Alex Chen, Drew Dill, Antoine Divet, Yann Divet, Donatas Dragasius, Leo He, Charlotte Hyde, Alexis Lambropoulos, Athena Lambropoulos, Ava Lambropoulos, Ally Larson, Ella McEver, Leah O’Connell, Jackson Olin, Anna Podurgiel, Ellie Simmonds, Pavle Stamenkovic, Georgina Winters, and Oliver Wright.

The 2019 British Summer Championships take place at Tollcross International Sports Centre in Glasgow from 23rd - 28th July. The Swim England National Summer Meet takes place at Ponds Forge International Sports Centre in Sheffield from 31st July - 4th August.