Fundraising Update
Thank you to everyone that has been involved in our fundraising efforts this year.
We received a grant for £1000 from Legacy Leisure, collected over £1000 from bagpacking and easyFundraising has so far raised over £600 (though we haven't received all of this yet).
We wanted to let you know what we have been spending some of this money on. We have invested in:
Level 2 Coaching Course for one of our volunteer coaches
3 Metronomes
2 Backstroke Wedges
2 Exercise mats
1 plyometric box
3 waist belts and cords (for resistance training)
3 Lenovo Tablets (so the coaches don't have to use their mobile phones for taking registers, recording training outcomes and filming)
We still have money remaining which will be invested for the benefit of our members and we will keep you updated