John Neale Gala @ Abbey Stadium, Redditch

A note from Paul Arthur, Boldmere Team Manager @Redditch on Saturday 22nd June 2019

It was great to see a diverse team of swimmers on Saturday afternoon. A mix of seasoned, just starting and first timers. Speaking to all involved, once the nerves settled a fun gala was had by all. Pbs were being set on nearly every race. There were some breath taking sprint finishes both individually and as tea ms which kept us all gripped. The support from parents put the other teams to shame. The result did not reflect the hard work and team spirit of the team as we came in 4th. However, it was a very successful gala. I would like to thank the army of volunteers from families cheering & driving to Officials. From the coach to the chaperones. Let’s not forget those behind the scenes making it happen. Without whom the squad would not have been able to take part. Thank you all Team. Paul Arthur.