National Arena League A Cup Final 2020


Bromley SC finished in 8th place at the National Arena League A Cup Final held in Cardiff on Sunday 8th March. 


This was the first time Bromley has ever qualified for the A Final and we are only the second Kent team to ever make it. Competing against the best teams in the country was an amazing experience for our swimmers and it was fantastic to see us holding our own in some places as well as an excellent opportunity to learn what we need to do to keep moving forward.


It was a hugely close competition with the team order changing at pretty much every points’ call, so it was very exciting both for our athletes and for the raft of supporters who came to cheer us on. 


So many people played a part in helping pave the way for our team to get to this level and making the experience such a good one.  Without parents support officiating, fundraising, dealing with admin etc. we would not have been able to get there or attend. 


Bromley would like to express our huge thanks Doug and Bea Dobb for driving the team, Chloe Dobb for organizing the hotel and team meal, Adeola Trigger for ordering the banners and flags, Julie and Matthew Landeman for their donations and finding other donors, Paolo Serafini and Lidl UK for food donations, Kirsty Carter for liaising with Arena/Solosports for the bags and bottles, Pamela Smith and Sam Powell for organizing the goodie bags and Carol van Selm and Vikki Pickering for their overall organizing of the trip. 


A special mention to all our supporters including young cubs Lenka Carter, Heidi Dobb, Ethan Bird and former-cubs Alex Mason and Richard Knight who travelled with the team and cheered/danced and sung their way through the competition! 


It’s so amazing how far our little team has come and how much above our weight we keep punching. These achievements are a huge testament to the hard work and attitude of our swimmers and coaches and we are so proud of everyone involved.