Dear Members,

We are delighted to have recently appointed Marc Foster as the new Head Coach for
Boldmere Swimming & Water Polo Club. Marc joins us from Ellesmere Titans and has
previously worked at the Royal Wolverhampton School, where he coached their Learn To
Swim (LTS) and Performance Squads. During his time with both clubs, they were able to
secure multiple national finalists and medallists.

Marc is an experienced coach – he has led many of the Swim England Development Camps
and been Head Coach for a number of international events. He has been involved with
swimming all his life, competing until the age of 20 and coaching either as a volunteer or
professionally from 2003. Throughout his career, Marc has inspired and developed many
athletes to achieve beyond their expectations. Whilst he does not have any direct Water
Polo experience, we will work with him to develop his skills in this sport.
Boldmere is often referred by Swim England as the sleeping giant of the West Midlands. The
sentiment here is that while we are the largest Swimming Club in the region, and we do well
on a regional scale, we can perform a lot better when competing against other regions.
Marc is joining us at an exciting time – and with a mission to awaken this sleeping giant. His
main focus will be to build a strong teaching and coaching team, supported by the
committee and our team of enthusiastic volunteers. He is also committed to ensuring every
swimmer is able to enjoy the sport and can achieve success at their respective level.
As a club we are seeking to develop and grow “Team Boldmere”- by building strength and
depth across all squads, engaging with all swimmers to enhance skill level, and making
everyone feel an integral part of our swimming community.

We appreciate that this vision may take a little while to achieve; and while we strive to
always do what is best for our swimmers and the club, we need your support and assistance
to get there.

Keith Munday
Boldmere Swimming and Water Polo Club