CSCSC Partners

Dear CSCSC member,

I hope everyone is well and adapting to the news of the pending lockdown.

The CSCSC committee and staff recently met to formulate our official plan for the coming month. It has always been our desire to offer a discount to membership during these difficult times while also balancing the club’s financial future. 

As you know Swimming clubs across the country are facing financial hardship due to pool closures. Several clubs have remained closed and might be forced to permanently close. CSCSC is experiencing financial difficulty of its own but without the support of the members who continued to pay training fees during the last lockdown, we would be in a much more dire financial situation. Even though the club is facing a difficult scenario, we are able to offer everyone a 50% discount per swimmer for the month of the upcoming lockdown. This will automatically be reflected on your TeamUnify account before the end of November. If you wish to donate the 50% discount to CSCSC please email the office manager at [email protected]. We wish we could offer more at this time but anything further would risk the club not being able to re-open once the lockdown has ended.  Unfortunately at this time we will not be able to offer temporary membership cancellations as we did previously.

CSCSC membership fees only cover a portion of the club’s operating costs. The success of our Learn to Swim Programme has resulted in the ability to keep our membership fees as one of the most inexpensive in London. The Learn to Swim Programme has been closed since March, so the ability to supplement membership fees with Learn to Swim income, even with decreased costs during lockdown, has proven insufficient. The CSCSC business model was due to change this year as Camden Council awarded GLL full control of the Learn to Swim Programme as part of the new leisure centre management contract. In exchange for CSCSC no longer directing the Learn to Swim programme, CSCSC negotiated for significantly decreased pool hire rates and the ability to supplement club income through the hosting of 3 home swim galas per year. This year’s pool closures have greatly hindered the transition into the new business model at significant cost to CSCSC.

In July, despite the lack of the Learn to Swim Programme and the continuation of the historic pool hire rates, the committee and staff all agreed that getting people back into the pool was the highest priority so we proceeded to restart our swimming programme accordingly. Since that time, the club has experienced an expected monthly deficit. Contributing factors for that include: not having income from the Learn to Swim Programme, the higher than anticipated pool hire cost, lower membership numbers and lack of normal fundraising opportunities like swim galas and other competitions. This, in addition to the fact that the monthly deficit is reducing the club’s modest emergency reserve, means we will most likely be forced to raise membership fees in early 2021 to guarantee the longevity of our swimming programme. This is a decision none of us take lightly but will be necessary to eliminate the monthly deficit and restore club finances. It is everyone’s long-term goal to not only keep the club open and intact but also secure its place as an elite swimming programme well into the future.

All of the CSCSC coaches will be put on furlough for the duration of the new lockdown so please be patient if questions are not answered as quickly as normal. Volunteers will be organising online zoom workouts so hopefully many of you will use those opportunities to stay fit and remain engaged with the club.

Our AGM will be held on Wednesday the 25th of November at 7pm (during the lockdown) via zoom as scheduled.

On behalf of the CSCSC committee, its coaches and staff, we hope everyone stays healthy and safe. We will see you again soon.



AJ McEver