Becoming Better in Lockdown

Becoming Better in Lockdown -

Timetable Reminder and Zoom ID with Passcode


Our mission is to use lockdown to our advantage, inspire parents to get involved in exercise and have our swimmers return to swimming a much stronger and robust athlete so they can swim even faster….Even in adversity there is opportunity!


If you haven't had chance to participant in the landtraining zoom sessions yet….the team is missing you.  Everyone is welcome and you can start this week.


The zoom sessions have been really successful with great commitment from all squads.  Gemma Howard and I can see that confidence in the zoom environment is growing with each session and there is a real feeling of team spirit within each squad.  Well done everyone! 


We will reap the benefits of all our work and be stronger, fitter and more flexible for our return to the pool.


All zoom landtraining have the same ID and  PASSCODE and will remain the same for every session, check out your emails


'Admittance' to zoom training sessions is dependent on completion of the 'Virtual Training Consent'  - This consent form is a new one that started in January 2021 - If you haven't already completed please do it asap or at the latest by 5pm on the day of the zoom training.  Please contact me if you need any help

Log in to KASC website: Events: Upcoming Events: Virtual Training: Register Online

The consent form cannot be done via the On Deck app

Please ensure you use your real name otherwise your coaches may not recognise you to let you into the zoom room :-)

To ensure a speedy admittance process please enter the zoom 'waiting room' 5 mins before the session so we can aim for a prompt start.

Session timetable will remain the same:

Zoom Monday                    

6.00-6.30pm             C1 and C2

6.45-7.15pm            P1 and P2

7.30-8.00pm            EXCEL

Self motivating Tuesday       

Cardio day - Adding kilometres to our KASC to Tokyo and Los Angeles Challenge, where anyone can contribute.  To our delight, the parents and adults have been outstanding and they have really enjoyed the challenge of doing daily activity with their swimmers. 

Please add to the progress tracker:

Please share the fundraising page: Crowdfunding to Support KASC through lockdown and Raise Funds for Kettering Foodbank on JustGiving

Zoom Wednesday            

6.00-6.30pm             ACADEMY, D8, D9, D10 and FAST TRACK

6.45-7.15pm  P2R, SWIMFIT and MASTERS

7.30-8.00pm            EXCEL

Self motivating Thursday

Own choice - where you can use schedules from our KASC website or do your own such as Zumba, boxercise, dance, cardio, stretch band or weight workouts

Zoom Friday                         

6.00-6.30pm            C1 and C2

6.45-7.15pm            P1 and P2

7.30-8.00pm            EXCEL