Covid Pool Rules

Firstly I hope everyone is excited to be getting in the water again! This is just an email to remind everyone of the rules that are in place which which have been given to us by the pool providers. We must adhere to them in order to continue to use the facilities. I would be grateful if you could remind your swimmer of them. Volunteer 'eyes' will be there to help but each swimmer must listen to their advice.

Arrive Beach Ready - please have your costume on under your clothes at all pools - after the session you will put your clothes directly over your wet costumes so bring towels for your car seats!

Trinity Pool 

  • Swimmers to wait in their cars until 5 minutes before the start of the session. Face coverings need to be worn IN THE CAR PARK by everyone - including parents.
  • Entry is a one way system - as before - and you will go straight onto the pool side, bags and clothes will be distanced on the pool side and you will get straight into your allocated lane in the shallow end - Laurence will tell you which lane when you get there
  •  After each set you will distance yourself 2m between swimmers - there are cones that wiill be used to help.
  • After the sesssion there is no access to the changing rooms - clothes will be put over wet costumes and follow the one way system out.
  • Parents - do not hang around in the car park in large groups - please distance yourselves when you wait for your swimmer to come out.


  • As above - come beach ready and access will be via the fire entrance at the diving pit end of the pool.
  • No access to the changing rooms prior to the session so you go straight onto poolside
  • Face masks must be worn in all indoor areas accept for poolside.
  • Changing rooms can be used to change in - as far as I aam aware, following the session. 
  • At this stage I do not know if the swimmers leave poolside via the main exit like last time. If I hear it changes I will let you know.

For any new swimmers who have not accessed these pools please arrive promptly so the helpers can show you where to go.

PLEASE can all swimmers remember to socially distance at all times. Should we have a positive case all  swimmers that have been in close contact will have to isolate, by keeping distanced it will involve fewer swimmers! 

Thank you and any queries please shout.


Welfare Officer