Level X Racing is happening this weekend……………………………………..!

Level X Racing is happening this weekend……………………………………..!    



After six months of waiting and a couple of cancellations due to national lockdowns Level X Racing is finally here – your chance to compete, practice your skills and post times in a fun and safe environment.

We want everyone to enjoy the event and be safe so please read this final letter before coming to your sessions (and remind yourself of previous letters which are on the home page of the website).

Live Links

  • We are hoping to live stream the event through the Club’s private Facebook page.  If you’re not a member of this search for it and ask to join. We will do our best to get this to work but we apologise in advance if it doesn’t or if the quality is not great.
  • There will also be a link to live results from the home page of our website.

Mobile phones

In line with our most recent galas mobile phones should not be taken on to poolside. This is to encourage swimmers to participate fully in the event by talking to and supporting their fellow team members but will also prevent their misuse.

Accepted entries

The final lists of accepted entries are attached to this letter. The times are taken from Swim England and do not include time trials from November or Duel in the Pool because not all swimmers were able to do these. This means that these times may be slower than swimmers are now capable of but this is their opportunity to show us how fast they can go!!

Some reminders to help your enjoyment and safety

  1. Session programme

Saturday 8th May

-1.30pm till 3.45pm: Performance Gold and Performance Link

-3.45pm till 6pm:  Performance Silver and Performance Bronze


Sunday 9th May

-1.30pm till 3.45pm: Performance Silver and Performance Bronze

-3.45pm till 6pm:  Competitive Gold, Competitive Silver and Competitive Bronze


Saturday 15th May

-1.30pm till 3.45pm: Competitive Gold, Competitive Silver and Competitive Bronze

-3.45pm till 6pm:  Performance Gold and Performance Link


  1. Organisation of the Day
  2. When your child is taking part in the first session of a day they should line up outside Beeches Pool at 1.30pm, the same way they do at Wyndley. They should wear face masks (unless exempt) and socially distance.
  3. When your child is taking part in the second session of the day they should do the same but at 3.45pm.
  4. Swimmers will be allocated a space on poolside and must remain in this space unless competing.
  5. Swimmers will be expected to wear masks and socially distance unless racing or preparing to race.
  6. There will be a small number of organisers and Covid Officers around to ensure that swimmers know what to do, when to do it and where to go. Please listen to and respect these volunteers.
  7. Your coaches will also be around to talk to you and offer advice and support.


  1. Advice for Swimmers (including equipment and food)

Swimmers will need to bring the following (but must not share with anyone else):-

  • Costume, swimming hat and goggles (no other equipment is required unless you wish to bring a kick board for the warm-up).
  • Towel, T/Polo shirt, shorts, tracksuit
  • Flip flops / trainers / deck shoes
  • At least 1 litre of water or weak squash (NOT fizzy pop)
  • Snacks: e.g. bananas / energy bars (NOT sweets or chocolate). All snacks must be nut free as we have swimmers with nut allergies

Other useful advice:-

  • Keep drinking – by the time you are thirsty you are already dehydrated.
  • Leave valuables at home. We cannot be responsible for lost property.
  • Listen to the announcer and the marshals / Covid Officers – they will tell you what to do.
  • Be fair to all other swimmers – be quiet when the referee blows their whistle to start the race.


  1. Covid Safety Procedures

The risks associated with Covid-19 are still high and the safety of everyone involved with our Club remains our primary concern. We will continue to follow government, Swim England and pool operator guidance. Our Covid safety procedures for this event are the same as usual and we would like to remind you of the key points:-

  • All swimmers will need to arrive ‘pool ready’ and leave directly from poolside without getting changed. You will not be able to change costumes between warm-up and racing.
  • All swimmers, coaches, volunteers and parents should wear face coverings and socially distance during drop off / pick up and when queuing. (The wearing of face coverings does NOT apply to children aged 11 and under or those with a medical exemption)
  • We would also ask that swimmers, coaches and volunteers continue to socially distance and wear their face coverings until they are on poolside and whilst on poolside when not competing.
  • Swimmers should also socially distance and wear face coverings when leaving the pool at the end of a session.


And finally……………………

Enjoy the racing and do your best.


Yours in Swimming


The Boldmere Level X Racing team