Training sessions from Monday 19th July

Training sessions from Monday 19th July


Dear Member

You will be aware that most of the existing Covid restrictions in England will be lifted from Monday 19th July. This has implications for how we organise our training sessions. Following consultation we have agreed the following with our pool providers:-


  1. Castle Vale
  • Face masks are to be worn by adults on entry and exit to the building.
  • Spectators will be allowed in the small spectating area up to a maximum of 50% of its capacity.
  • Swimmers will still be expected to arrive pool ready but can use the changing rooms on exit. This will help to manage numbers in the changing rooms.


  1. Serco pools (Wyndley and Erdington)
  • Face masks are no longer required but government guidance ‘expects and recommends’ wearing a mask in crowded areas.
  • Spectators will be allowed.
  • Changing rooms will be available for use. However, as a Club, we would still urge swimmers to follow the same procedure as at Castle Vale i.e. arrive pool ready but use changing rooms on exit as required.


A small number of swimmers and water polo players train at other venues. We will communicate with them directly about procedures at these pools.


As a Club Committee there are a few points we would like to emphasise.


  • Covid-19 is still with us – in fact cases are very high and increasing in our area at the moment. This is why we urge a cautious and sensible approach to this lifting of restrictions. It is important to us that all members of our Club feel safe when attending training sessions and we will be supportive of those who are uncomfortable with these changes and wish to continue to act as now.


  • In line with our existing ‘Drop off and collection policy’, which was in use pre-Covid, swimmers are the responsibility of the Club only on poolside. Therefore a child is the responsibility of their parents / carers if they use the changing rooms. Swimmers are also expected to behave appropriately and sensibly in the changing rooms in line with our ‘Code of Conduct for swimmers’. These policies are available to view in the members / parents section of our website.


  • From Monday 19th July there will no longer be Covid officers at training sessions. There will, however, be volunteers on poolside at most sessions at Castle Vale to support coaches who are lone working. On behalf of the Club we would like to thank those parents who have undertaken the Covid Officer role over the last year. Their support has been very much appreciated and, without them, training could not have taken place.

Finally we would like to thank all members for their continued and ongoing support.

The Boldmere Swimming & Water Polo Club Committee