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Maxwell SC Records

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Details of new records achieved since the last update can be found here.


The records are maintained by Ernie McDade.  If you find any errors or want to claim a record, please contact him at maxwellscrecords@outlook.com.


How do you claim a record?

Records can only be updated if they are claimed.  If you would like to claim a record, please email maxwellscrecords@outlook.com.

What swims are allowable to claim records?
Records are recorded with relation to the swimmer's age on the day.


A club record may be broken:

  • At any licensed meet, level 4 upwards - Age 9 and over
  • At any unlicensed meet, such as Junior League, Arena League, schools galas, time trials as long as it is run by qualified officials, including timekeepers, and evidence can be submitted to the club  
  • When your MAIN club is Maxwell.  (For swimmers additionally registered with another club, Maxwell should be your main training base, and your training should be mainly undertaken by Maxwell coaches.)

A club record may not be broken:
  • At internal time trials except as specified above
  • Any external meet, such as schools galas, that doesn’t use qualified officials
  • On any relay leg
  • Split times from longer distance events
  • Converted times from short course to long course or vice versa


Stat attack!

  *  There are 704 LC & SC records up for grabs!
  *  Around 20 current Maxwell swimmers hold one or more records
  *  Billy Martin (a current Maxwell Swimmer) holds an astonishing 80 records, and easily comes out top of the list with the most. (2nd is former Olympian Craig Gibbons with 57)
  *  Former International Hannah Askew holds 54 records, making her the female swimmer with the most records.
  *  Gracie holds 19 records which is the most amongst current Maxwell female swimmers.