Assessment Week Apr - Moves & Changes

Assessments from 23rd April for Groups 1 thru 4 - Moves & Changes

The coaches have discussed and reviewed the results primarily of the Assessment Week alongside those attending regular training sessions and listed below are the moves that are occurring.

Please note, not only can swimmers be moved up, they can also be moved down, this ensures that the respective Group is aligned to the Assessment Criteria that we publish, sometimes swimmers need to take a step back before going forward again.

Our Membership Secretary Jo Harding will be emailing the families directly with the specific moves, these will all commence form 1st June. please remember that any change does involve a change in fees, so be sure to amend your standing order to reflect the fee changes. Current fees can be found at

​Congratulations to all those swimmers who have moved up, for the hard work and commitment shown. This is predominantly a competitive Club and the expectation is that once you reach Group 4, you understand that to move forward you need to compete at both internal and external meets.

​Anyone wishing to discuss the specifics of the Assessments, please talk to Geoff.

​The next set of Assessments will commence Monday 18th June for all Groups.


From Group 1 to

Group 2


From Group 2 to

Group 3


From Group 3 to

Group 4


From Group 4 to

Group 5

Harman, Dylan   Goss, Phoebe   Giacomantonio, Anna   Soulsby, Christina
Scott, Zac   Richards, Matilda   Lawson, Eva   Harrison, Millie
Milnes, Oliver   Powell, Callum   Connell, Lara   Farnham, Alexandra
Cutler, Jessica   Stimpson, Ruby   Philbin, Ronan   Swarray-Deen, Yazeed-Jamal
Svichla-Fekete, Ezekiel   Clare, Fionn   Griffiths, Samuel   Holmes, Clementine
Walker, Isabella   Harding, Poppy   Plenderleith, Max   Hinch, Isabella
Bellamy,  James   Barnes, William   Anderton, Matilda   Lines, Harry
Tooker, Amber   Cooper, Anna   Batt, Eric    
Percival, Sophie   Grossman, Emily   Moore, Cole    
Johnson, Maisie   Size, Florence   Kiddle, Dylan    
Farnham, Lauren   Baker, Poppy   Harrison, Joseph    
Davies, Isabel   Kalverboer, Isabella   Jenkins, Isabelle    
Niclas, Sam   Weare, Esme   Rutherfurd, Jack    
Addati, Rocco   Jones, Emily        
Van Deventer, Alana   Holbrook, Poppy        
Kiddle, Daisy   Groves, Lauren        
Lilliott, Niamh   Khalili, Saya        
Cooper, Katalin            
Beddall, Connie            
Bohn, Sebastian            


Current Criteria Leaflet