Haringey Aquatics Partners
Mission and History

The mission of Haringey Aquatics is to develop competitive aquatic sports across Haringey and North London by providing opportunity, through training, for each member to achieve their full potential.

The origins of Haringey Aquatics date back to 1948, when Tottenham local Jim Millbank started to teach his daughter Dawn to swim at the High Cross baths in Tottenham every Saturday morning. Over time, various people became aware of Jim’s talent for teaching, and parents began to ask whether their children could join in.

The Saturday morning sessions at Tottenham Baths became very popular and started to produce some talented young swimmers. However, at that time parents had to look north to Edmonton and Enfield to find a competitive club. It was clear parents and the children wanted a local swimming club, at local swimming pools such as the wonderful Victorian baths of Tottenham and the lido on Lordship Lane.

After hours of work from parents and the Millbanks, Reed Road Swimming Club was established in 1957 to offer sessions for swimmers wanting to train competitively. A year later, the club was renamed as Tottenham Central Swimming Club to give the club a clear identity that was tied to the local area. The club had its third incarnation when it was renamed Haringey Borough Swimming Club, following the amalgamation of the three municipal boroughs of Wood Green, Hornsey and Tottenham to form the London Borough of Haringey. This was a natural step in the club’s evolution as training sessions were expanded to Park Road Pools in Crouch End, and the club’s membership began to reflect the entire borough.

Following the launch of the club’s highly successful programmes in Diving and Water Polo, the committee decided to rebrand the club to reflect the diversification of disciplines offered.