Membership costs

Membership Costs

Bronze / Silver / Gold / Diamond                   


Development 3


Development 2


Development 1


Swim Fit


Performance 3


Performance 2


Performance 1


Elite Performance




In addition there is an Swim England  annual membership fee –  as a member of an affiliated club you have to pay a membership fee to remain registered and insured through Swim England (formerly ASA)

Competitive Swimmers (Dev 1 upwards) 

  Category 2 Membership   


Other Swimmers (inc. non-competing Masters)

  Category 1 Membership


Parent of all under 18 swimmers (One per family)

  Category 3 Membership


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Please note that we require members to give 1 month's notice of departure from the club, and payment is due for this month (during which the member is of course welcome to swim as usual). In accordance with clause 5.2 of the club constitution, an additional one month's squad fees shall be due from any member departing the club between the dates of 1 April and 31 August each year.  

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