CABSC Committee

CABSC Committee

Chairperson - Vicki Schinagl

Vice Chairman and Past-Chair - Mark Patterson
Secretary - VACANT (currently covering as needed, Nicola Wilson)
Treasurer - Debbie Wilson
Child Welfare Officers - Angela Jackson and 
Selecia Huckerby
Volunteer Coordinator - VACANT
Membership Secretary - Kath Needham

Masters Representative - Adrian Bremner

Water Polo Representative - VACANT
Officials Representative - Kate Bull

Swim Mark Coordinator - Adrienne Grove.

General -  Simon Croft, Dave Walker

Other Jobs

Fixtures - Kath Needham

Trophy Secretary - Simon Croft

Team Coordinators
Arena - Lucy Berry

Stage 1 - Kath Needham

Stage 2 - Debbie Stevens
Stage 3 - Debbie Stevens

Invitation Trophy Galas - Kath Needham
Sports Centre -not entering in 2018

Derby and Notts Junior League - Lucy Berry
Open Meets -Rochelle Hopkin

Schools Liaison - Sandra Warner/Rosie Needham/Ian Turner

Public Relations & Communications - Katey Cox

Team Unify Platform and website Manager - Vacant


Club Records - Katey Cox

Risk Management Advisor - Selecia Huckerby

Club Kit - Carole Moore, Rachel Benton, Julie Wright  & Tracey Ward