Jeanne Barker July Open


Parkside Pools, Gonville Place, Cambridge CB1 1LY

Level 3 Licence (3ER220836)

Age Groups: 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17/Over (Age as at 17th July 2022)

Events: 50m, 100m, 200m all strokes, 100m and 200m Medley (Heat Declared Winners with awards to top three in age groups; spot prizes in each event)

Live Results Link:

Entry Pack: Pdf or Word Doc

Update Accepted Entries 10th July 2022 are available here


Warm Up Schedule Saturday 16th July:
Warm-up for Session 1 will start at 12pm and racing at 1pm
Warm-up for Session 2 will start at 3.45pm and racing at 4.45pm

Warm Up Schedule Sunday 17th July:
Warm-up for Session 3 will start at 12pm and racing at 1pm
Warm-up for Session 4 will start at 3.45pm and racing at 4.45pm

Warm up and Session start times for Sessions 2 and 4 may be subject to change – please listen for announcements on the day. Please note however, they will not start earlier than published in the programme.

Each Club should have their own record of swimmers entered. Swimmers unable to compete must be withdrawn. Withdrawal will be made by coaches or the club representative using the Swim-Meet link sent out prior to the gala and must be submitted anytime up until 5 minutes after the start of each Warmup for the relevant session.

Swimmers failing to attend the start of a heat without withdrawing will incur a £10 penalty, which must be paid by the swimmer or the club before the swimmer will be allowed to participate further in the meet.

Any queries should please be addressed to the meet promoter Catherine Pearson, NOT the computer operators or helpers.  Where possible queries should be made by the club representative or coach.

Entry fees are as follows:

Spectators              £5.00 per session or £8.00 per day
Programmes          Heat sheets will be available online
OAPs, Carers of disabled spectators and children under 16 are free.

Swimmers WILL NOT be allowed poolside until 15 minutes before warm-up.

Spectators WILL NOT be allowed entry to balcony until 15 minutes before warm up. Please do not congregate with children in the foyer as this will be very busy – spectators please queue on the balcony.

Please be aware that no additional seating is allowed on poolside, you will also not be allowed to bring portable seats onto the balcony or use blankets for picnic areas as this blocks the fire escape route.  GLL staff will require spectators to remove any additional seating on the balcony and poolside.


If you have symptoms of covid or any transmissible disease please do not attend, we hope you will getter better soon!

We will have a Swim Shop available at the Gala run by Stortford Sports Supplies on Saturday only:

Please be aware that Parkside Pool is in the centre of Cambridge, neither GLL nor CoCSC are responsible for the cost of car parking.

Parking is available in the Queen Anne Car Park next to Parkside pools.  Parking and traffic in Cambridge can be very busy.  Please allow enough time to get to the pool, and as an alternative please consider using the Grafton Centre or Grand Arcade car parks (both are located approximately 10 minutes’ walk from the pool) or alternatively one of several Park & Ride sites across the City – for information including live parking updates and spaces go to:

We wish you all a happy and successful weekend of racing!
City of Cambridge Swimming Club.


  • Withdrawal notifications  should be sent to [email protected]; withdrawals (other than for reasons outlined in Meet Conditions) after publication of accepted entries will not be refunded.


  • CoCSC welcome all officials including trainees. We have an online signing up page, you just need your Swim England membership number. Please declare interest & availability at:




**STATEMENT REGARDING HEAT** (updated 14th July)

ease be aware the weather is going to be extremely hot this weekend, particularly on Sunday. Temperatures will be monitored and taken into account when the meet is taking place.

Coaches – there will be a briefing (at 11.45) prior to the start of warm up– this will be at the Ref’s table at the deep end of the pool, please make sure a member of your team attends.

Officials/volunteers/Coaches/TM’s will have access to refreshments throughout each session but coaches/parents please make sure swimmers stay hydrated – there is a water fountain poolside and the café available that can be used to fill up bottles but please make sure EVERYONE brings a water bottle. If there is opportunity for spectators/swimmers to leave the facility (particularly between sessions) that would be advised.

Although each session is not too long, if deemed necessary we may break part way through a session to allow Officials/Coaches to break.

Please listen out on PA for any updates during the weekend. We appreciate everyone will wish to watch their swimmers competing but please be mindful of taking regular breaks and getting some fresh air.

We look forward to welcoming you to Parkside Pools!