How the Club Runs
How the club runs


The club is run on an entirely voluntary basis, by a small committee, which is elected at the annual general meeting. A list of current Committee members can be found here.

The club adheres to swimming and diving rules approved by the ASA and has its own formal constitution by which it is administered. A copy of this is available from the secretary.

The club employs a Professional Coach Elaine Hill. Her job is to ensure all club swimmers are given the opportunity to achieve their potential   with her guidance knowledge and experience.

Funding of the club is entirely from membership fees, session fees, charges for individual events and fundraising/sponsorship. We aim to keep the costs down to a minimum but obviously, we need to cover all the expenses incurred such as pool hire, coach's fees and expenses, affiliation fees, league fees, trophies and medals etc.

We hope that this website explains many of the questions, which might be asked when you join the swimming club, but please ask a committee member if you have any queries.



City of Ely Amateur Swimming Club is run by a network of Volunteers, without whom our Club would not be viable. If you are thinking of helping out in any way, we would love to hear from you.

It might be just occasional support, perhaps lending us your skills for a specific task, or helping more routinely poolside, perhaps training to be an official, or even joining the Committee. Whatever you can do for us, it is our goal to provide you with the support and training that you may require, and welcome you as a valued member of our to Club.

Please do speak to any member of the Committee Member or our Volunteer Coordinator, to see how you might be able to help.


Child Protection Policy


Our aim is to:
"Create and maintain an environment where our swimmers can enjoy and develop their skills in safety"

To achieve this we will:

§  Comply with the Code of Ethics as laid down by the ASA
Use working practices and procedures that place the safety of our swimmers first

§  Ensure the integrity of all volunteers

§  Treat each other with respect


Child Protection
Ely ASC has always sought to ensure the safety of its swimmers, and will continue to do so. The Child Protection Policy seeks to further cement good working practices into a clear and cohesive policy.

We have already implemented this policy and will continue to carry it out in full. Amongst other actions, we will:

§  Complete police checks on all volunteers who work with or around the children.

§  Ensure that no adult is alone with a child unless there is no alternative, and in all such instances, the details will be recorded.

§  Ensure that there is a clear line of reporting and recording for all concerns regarding child abuse in any of its manifestations and that identifiable responsibility to deal with such concerns is maintained.

§  The Management Committee will continue to demonstrate the unacceptability of bullying by dealing with any instances quickly and effectively.

§  Deal firmly but fairly with all instances of unacceptable behaviour.

§  Generate a club where mutual respect and integrity are of the utmost importance.

Responsibility for the effective management of the Ely ASC Child Protection Policy will remain with the club's Child Welfare Officer.


Wavepower - The ASA child safeguarding policy

Guide to the ASA child safeguarding policy & procedures.