Garden Pools

Garden Pools Pros and Cons

Over the last few weeks, garden pools have become popular in a bid to try and fill the void of our beloved 25m chlorine sanctuary. These pools bring pros and cons along with them.

Below are the main pros and cons, along with possible practices to do in the pools to make them worthwhile.

Main Pros

  • Mental release, can be used to remember happier times and break the routine of “lockdown life”.
  • Jet systems can produce a semi realistic swimming experience.

Main Cons

  • Effect technique with bad form due to swimming in a static position, being pulled back at the hips.
  • Small entry area can affect catch phases of strokes, subconsciously thinking about shortening the stroke due to the length of the pool.
  • Cord resistance is difficult to train with over prolonged periods.
  • Cold pools will require wetsuits which again can affect good technique.

Good Practice ideas

  • Sculling, long doggy paddle, short doggy paddle with a snorkel for 20-30 seconds at a time (cord or jets needed). 
  • Kicking with a snorkel (fins optional) in a streamlined position for 40-60 seconds at a time (cord or jets needed).
  • Flotation drills with a snorkel and pull buoy, lying in a streamlined position for 20 seconds, then opening up into a star position for 20 seconds, then back to streamlined.

Neuromuscular signalling (and water feel) will be lost quickly BUT can also be restored quickly, particularly with years of swimming muscle memory behind us.

Trying to recreate your effective pool technique in a corded garden pool can do more damage than good. Use these pools as a release and use the good practice advice above to change up your daily routine.