Club Clothing


All swimmers should have at least a T-shirt ready for when they are involved in team galas and meets. It would benefit swimmers in Silver, Gold and Olympic squads to also purchase a pair of shorts of their choice for land training/wearing poolside and a hoodie/zipped hoodie for representing the team on their travel to and from an event. All other items are simply complementary/optional extras.

Competition hats

New competition hats can be ordered with your swimmers name printed on but we have to order a minimum of 50 so please register your interest with Morag or Rose. Squad hats can be purchased directly from the club.

Dome/bullet race hats

These are one-piece swim caps designed to prevent wrinkles forming on the hat during use; creating a super smooth finish and resulting in less drag. They are more expensive than standard hats and having tested them in the club we recommend that only males/females with shorter length hair purchase them.

The Dolphins Clothing Range found here at Swimzi.


Sizing Advice

Please be aware we cannot be held responsible for a wrong size being ordered. Swimzi are more than happy to provide sizing advice also, and there is a guide on their website.


We strongly advise to buy 'big' for the T-shirts. The Junior range is really only suitable for swimmers age 10 and under e.g. XS Junior up to age 8, but a Standard Junior for age 8+. A Small Adult T-shirts would be the safest option if your child is over 10 or tall for their age. These are essentially for the swimmers to keep warm between events so a bigger size is more practical.

The hoodies and zipped hoodies are a not a generous fit so we also advise to go a bit bigger e.g. a Small Adult hoodie would have a longer life for an 11/12 year old than a Junior sized hoodie.


The shop will open up to 4 times a year with a 2 week ordering window so please consider this if you are planning clothing requirements/gifts for your child. We will notify members of opening times via the newsletter, Facebook and TeamFeed.