Land Training

Land Training

Section 1 - Blood flow

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Section 2 - Stretching

Swimmers should feel tension in the muscles not pain and must not bounce, each movement into and out of the stretch must be controlled do not rush! (hold for 10 seconds on each exercise)

1. Triceps stretch

Triceps Stretch 1


Triceps Stretch 2

Bend left arm behind back, hold with right arm, do not pull on elbow, repeat on right arm. Feel the stretch on the back of your arm.

2. Upper back stretch

Upper Back Stretch 1


Upper Back Stretch 2


Upper Back Stretch 3

Extend hands out in front keeping arms straight, do not interlock fingers, feel stretch along the top of your back.

3. Quadrilaterals stretch

Quadrilaterals Stretch 1


Quadrilaterals Stretch 2


Quadrilaterals Stretch 3

Keep head up facing forwards, back straight, pull right leg up to your backside, keeping knees together, repeat on left leg.

4. Hamstring stretch

Hamstring Stretch 1


Hamstring Stretch 2


Hamstring Stretch 3

Extend left leg forward keeping it straight, bend right leg, keeping knees together, head up facing forwards, place hands on bent leg, feet stay on the floor. Repeat on right leg.

5. Calf Stretch

Calf Stretch 1


Calf Stretch 2


Calf Stretch 3

Head up facing forwards, bend left leg, extend right leg back keeping it straight, keep both feet on the floor toes facing forwards, lean onto left leg feeling the stretch on the bottom part of your right leg. Repeat on left leg.

Section 3

Core strength exercises (aim for 3 sets of 5 repetitions on each exercise, as you become stronger increase the amount of repetitions)

1. Press ups

Press Ups 1


Press Ups 2

Arms straight shoulder width apart, fingers facing forwards, bend arms and lower chin to the floor and straighten arms back up to starting position (This is 1 rep).

2. Sit ups

Sit Ups 1


Sit Ups 2

Lay down on floor, knees bent at 90 degrees, palms on thighs, lift back off the floor keeping palms on thighs and touch knees with fingers, lower back down to the starting position. (This is 1 rep).

3. Oblique twists

Oblique twists 1


Oblique twists 2

Lay down on floor, knees bent at 90 degrees heels 6 inches off the floor, keep feet still and twist to touch left heel with left hand and then twist to touch right heel with right hand. (This is 1 rep).

4. Half squat - body weight

Half squat - body weight 1


Half squat - body weight 2

From standing with feet just wider than hip width, toes pointing slightly outwards, bend the knees and hips at the same time: Pull in abdominal at start: Keep the movements smooth and slow: Keep the knees over the toes and not in front of them: Breathe in on the way down, out on the way up.

5. Back raises

Back raises 1


Back raises 2

Lay down facing the floor, straighten legs and point toes, fingers on side of head, arms bent, chin on floor. Raise chin off the floor and hold for 1 second and back down again to the starting position. (This is 1 rep).

Section 4 - Cool down

5 minutes cool down light jogging / walking to reduce heart rate back to normal levels.