Olympic Squad

Minimum age:                       12 Years+ (minimum school year 7)

Maximum water time:           10.5hrs

Squad places in Olympic are primarily for swimmers who are regionally/nationally qualified (or who have the potential to achieve regional/national qualification) and who also meet the squad commitment outlined below.

Squad Entry Criteria:

Swimmers must achieve at least one of the following:

  1. Have achieved a minimum of 7 NASA County Qualifying Times in a range of strokes/distances and have achieved at least 1 Regional Qualifying Time, or be within 0.5 seconds off a 50m or 1 second off a 100m event (based on 2019 season)

  2. Have achieved a top 60 national ranking (chosen home nation) in at least 1 event in their age group.

  3. Have been identified as having potential to achieve National Qualifying Ranking for British Nationals or Home Nation Nationals, based on attitude and application.

Squad Commitment:

  • Must attend a minimum of 4 out of 6 sessions per week (maintaining an attendance record of at least 66% throughout the season), not arriving late or leaving early.

  • Swimmers must have the commitment, desire and ability to train at the level of the group.

  • Swimmers must practice with a good attitude, working on all skills and turnaround times as directed by the squad coach.

  • Have the ability to complete land and swim based swimming sets efficiently.

  • Be committed to attending all team competitions and selected open meets (in order to gain qualifying entry times for County/Regional/National competitions), as agreed with the Squad Coach.

  • Be committed to attend all County, Regional and National Competitions they have qualified for.

  • Swimmers must demonstrate physical and mental maturity to be able to cope with the increased demands of this squad.

  • Swimmers and parents must show the right attitude and application in relation to attendance, standards of swimming and targets (e.g. completing and using PDPs)

Training Equipment required:

  • Kick Board

  • Pull Buoy

  • Hand Paddles

  • Drink Bottles