Bronze Squad


*The criteria is a guide and ultimately decisions on all transitions is at the discretion of the Head Coach. If you have any queries during these times please arrange to speak to the Head Coach in the first instance.

  • Monday 17:00-18:00(1hr)
  • Friday 17:30-19:00(1.5hrs)
  • Sunday 16:30-17:301hr)
  • 3.5 hours per week

These sessions are for skill and stroke development.

Average per week 1500m.


  • Must attend a minimum of 1 hour (1 session) each week.
  • Be available for Team competitions and Development galas if selected.
  • Compete at Club Championship Events.

At the end of this stage, swimmers will be able to:
1. Complete a set lasting 400 metres (e.g. 16 x 25m) on a specific turn around time set by the coach (e.g. 1 minute for each 25 metres, set would be 16 x 25m on 1 minute)

2. Swim 400 metres continuously using one stroke.

3. Kick 25 metres Backstroke without using a float.

4. Kick 25 metres Breaststroke without using a float.

5. Kick 25 metres Butterfly without using a float.

6. Kick 25 metres Front crawl without using a float.

7. Perform a Backstroke turn from 10m in to 15m out.

8. Perform a Breaststroke turn from 10m in to 15m out.

9. Perform a Butterfly turn from 10m in to 15m out.

10. Perform a Front Crawl turn from 10m in to 15m out.

11. Complete 1 x 100m Individual Medley

12. Achieve ASA Competitive Start Award
Where participants are physically unable to ever achieve an outcome listed, the award should be granted based on the achievement of the remaining outcomes or a suitable adaptation to meet the needs of the individual.

Bronze Glossary

  • A ‘Set’ is a collective term referring to a complete distance that may be swum as ‘one distance’ without stops or split into sections that total the complete distance. ‘Turn around’ time is the time in which a given distance must be completed and any rest must be taken within this time.

NOTE: These squads are subject to change and you will be notified of any changes to squad names, session times and any effect on monthly squad fees

We also have some more details on our Club Night Operating Procedures page.