Stage 7 Daventry Dolphins Swimming Club and Everyone Active Link Group/Development*

*The criteria is a guide and ultimately decisions on all transitions is at the discretion of the Head Coach. If you have any queries during these times please arrange to speak to the Head Coach in the first instance.


At the end of this stage, swimmers will be able to:
1. Swim 25 metres Backstroke

2. Swim 25 metres Breaststroke

3. Swim 25 metres Front Crawl

4. Swim 25 metres Butterfly

5. Perform a movement sequence of one minutes duration, in a group of three or more, incorporating a number of the following skills: Sculling – head first, feet first; Rotation – forward/backward somersault, log roll; Floating – star on the front/on the back, tuck float**, create own; Eggbeater – moving, lifting one or both arms out of the water link skills with strokes and skills

6. Perform a sitting dive

7. Swim 50 metres continuously using one stroke

8. Swim 100 metres, using a minimum of three different strokes*

9. Tread water using egg beater action for 30 seconds

10. Complete an obstacle course (using a minimum of 4 objects) with feet off the bottom throughout
Where participants are physically unable to ever achieve an outcome listed, the award should be granted based on the achievement of the remaining outcomes or a suitable adaptation to meet the needs of the individual.
By the end of Stage 7, participants will have achieved the ASA Learn to Swim Pathway Fundamentals Movement Skills.

Stage 7 Glossary

  • Refer to ASA expected stroke standards sheet
  • * ‘Sculling’ refers to a sculling action performed close to the hips with either feet first action – finger tips down, palms towards head, or head first action – finger tips up, palms towards feet.
  • **’Tuck Float’ refers to mushroom float
  • ‘Eggbeater action’ – refers to an alternate Breaststroke leg kick whilst maintaining a high knee position
  • ‘Obstacle Course’ – teacher to ensure that the obstacle course gives the participants the opportunity to go under, over, round and through equipment within consideration to health & safety.
  • Consider Safety requirements regarding depth and ability for diving in
  • Refer to ASA expected stroke standards sheet (also DVD)
  • *’100 metres/minimum of 3 strokes’ – requires a swimmer to complete a full length before changing strokes

NOTE: These squads are subject to change and you will be notified of any changes to squad names, session times and any effect on monthly squad fees

We also have some more details on our Club Night Operating Procedures page.