Members Code of Conduct

Daventry Dolphins Swimming Club

Affiliated to East Midlands Region & Northamptonshire ASA

Member’s Code of Conduct

Swimmers’ responsibilities:

General Behaviour

  1. I will treat coaches, poolside/centre staff, parents, other swimmers and other pool users with respect and dignity (this includes appropriate behaviour in the changing facilities).
  2. I will treat everyone equally and never discriminate against another person associated with the club and Swim England on any grounds including that of age, sexual orientation, gender, faith, ethnic origin or nationality.
  3. I will display a high standard of behaviour at all times and  I understand that the use of inappropriate or abusive language, bullying, harassment, or physical violence will not be tolerated and could result in action being taken through the disciplinary or child welfare policies.
  4. I will always report any poor behaviour by others to the Welfare Officer or member of the committee.
  5. I will display a positive attitude at all times and I will recognise and celebrate the good performance and success of fellow club and team members.
  6. I will endeavour to observe good habits; including taking care with my nutrition and getting sufficient sleep. I understand that alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited for those under 18 and discouraged for those of legal drinking age.
  7. I will adhere to the all DDSC policies (can be found on the club website) and pay particular attention to the Social Networking Policy (I may not upload ANY inappropriate or unauthorised images or comments with relation to DDSC members) and the policy on the use of image capturing devices, which prohibits the taking of photographs or video within the changing room and poolside area of ANY pool where I might train or compete.


  1. I will treat my coach and fellow members with respect.
  2. I will make my coach aware if I have any reason why I may not be able to attend or participate fully in squad training.
  3. I will arrive in good time on poolside before the training session starts to complete poolside warm up as directed by my coach and I understand that if I arrive late, I must report to my coach before entering the pool.
  4. I will ensure that I have all of my equipment with me, e.g. paddles, kick boards, hats and goggles, etc.
  5. If I need to leave the pool for any reason during training, I will inform my coach before doing so.
  6. I will give the best of my ability at all times; listen to what my coach is telling me and undertake all tasks as instructed without skipping any lengths or sets.
  7. I will practice drills, starts and turns as instructed.
  8. I will not stop and stand in the lane, or obstruct others from completing their training and I will not pull on the ropes as this may injure other members.
  9. If I have any problems, I will discuss them with my coach at an appropriate time.
  10. If I have any problems with the behaviour of fellow members, I will report them at the time to an appropriate adult.


  1. At ALL competitions I will always behave in a manner that shows respect to my coach, the officers, my team mates and the members of all competing organisations.
  2. I understand that I must endeavour to attend as many events and galas as possible that the Chief Coach has entered/selected me for.
  3. I understand that I must wear appropriate hat and t-shirt, as set out in the kit requirements, when representing the club.
  4. I will report to my coach and/or team manager on arrival on poolside.
  5. I will warm up before the event, including land training, as directed by the coach in charge on that day and ensure I fully prepare myself for the race.
  6. I will stay with the team on poolside until the end of the gala (except in the case of an open gala where I may ask permission to leave before the end). If I have to leave poolside for any reason, I will inform, and in some cases, get the consent of the team manager/coach before doing so.
  7. After my race, I will report to my coach for feedback.
  8. I will show support to all of my team mates.