Club Constitution and Mission Statement

At Daventry Dolphins’ Swimming Club it is our aim to:

  • Ensure that all our members have the opportunity to achieve their full potential in the sport of competitive swimming.
  • Provide the highest standard of swimming coaching and training possible in a safe, secure, fair and enjoyable environment.
  • Provide competitive opportunities for all members of training squads.
  • Ensure the safety of swimmers, the Club (wherever possible) will provide a minimum of 2 authorised personnel at external Open Meets and external Championship events. To notify swimmers and parents of expected arrival times for external competitions.
  • Ensure that there is an events organisation plan for team competitions, Championships and Development Galas that they host.
  • Ensure that risk assessments are in place for training, competition and social events. The Club has a policy of risk assessing on a continuous basis and liaising with the Pool management (SLM / Everyone Active). All risk assessments are also reviewed annually
  • Ensure compliance in ALL aspects of SwimMark accreditation procedures.
  • Enhance the status and reputation of swimming within the community.
  • Promote lifelong positive values and qualities for our members.
  • Communicate regularly, either by e-mail, website, or squad notice boards, relevant news and all current and future main activities.
  • Provide a mutually supportive environment for all our swimmers and members within the Daventry Dolphins Swimming Club ‘family’.
  • To ensure that the staff of the Daventry Dolphins Swimming Club adhere to its Code of Conduct and Ethics.
  • Ensure that all members adhere to the Daventry Dolphins Swimming Club Constitution.
  • Ensure that all members adhere to the Daventry Dolphins Swimming Club Welfare Policy and to support ‘No photography’ on poolside or changing rooms at ANY venue used for training and competition purposes.
  • Uphold the terms and conditions of Club membership.

Signed on behalf of Daventry Dolphins Swimming Club

Mrs J Browne



Link to full copy of Club Constitution Adopted 23.11.18