Our Support Team

Assistant Coaches

At Leicester Sharks we are fortunate to have an amazing coaching team, who themselves lead a multitude of assistants on poolside. Having multiple eyes on poolside, particularly at a younger level, really benefits the swimmers as their strokes are continuously analysed and corrected by our poolside support staff

Marie Doherty
Age Group Potential Support Coach
Richard Smith
Development Performance Support Coach
Pete Thorpe
Development Performance & Pups Support Coach
Joanne Power
Pups Enderby Lead Coach & Development Performance Support Coach
Steve Hatfield
Pups Lutterworth Lead Coach & Development Potential Support Coach
Clair Bee
Development Potential Support Coach
Alex Barker
Development Potential Support Coach
Chloe Taylor
Pups Enderby Support Coach
Jack Taylor
Pups Enderby Support Coach
Lucy Hatfield
Pups Lutterworth Support Coach
Hollie Maddison 
Angle sharks early learners (lead)
Lily Barker
Angle sharks progressive learners (lead)
Abbie Doherty 
Angle sharks progressive learners (lead)
Ethan Hickling 
Angle sharks progressive learners 
Hannah Davies
Tiger Sharks 
Sarah Dew
Learn to swim assistant
Thibaut Preston 
Learn to swim assistant 
Nicole Picton 
Learn to swim assistant
Amelia Bleasdale 
Learn to swim assistant 
Harriot Richmond
Learn to swim assistant
Hannah Lines 
Learn to swim assistant 

Team Managers

A friendly face on poolside, and a vital support for the swimmers and coaches at competitions our team managers provide a vital service to the club, keeping everyone organised, excited and supported at swimming meets. 

Steve Moorley

Peter Wilkinson







We are fortunate to have numerous officials associated with the club. Officials are absolutely vital for running swimming meets, and include Referees, Starters, Judges and Timekeepers.

Backroom Staff

No club can run without it's support staff, and on top of our incredible committee, we also have a dedicated group of volunteers who help us run our swimming meets, enter open meets and organise extra team building activities for our club's members.