Assessment Week Results

We have now completed the Assessment Week for all Groups and the coaches have all got together and discussed the results.


The Assessment Week provides swimmers and coaches the ability through a defined set of criteria, the opportunity to measure their progress against this.

As outlined, we strongly recommend that every swimmer tries to attend as many sessions as they can throughout the week so that a full and broad assessment can be achieved.

Although the decision by the coaches to move someone up or down is not solely based on this assessment, because of the broad criteria, it does provide the ability for coaches to confirm or deny their day to day observations.

Additionally the volunteers who help during the week allow the coaches to do a much better set of assessments, however only having a handful of volunteers means that the coaches cant do as good a job as they would like to.


Congratulations to all swimmers who have moved this time and based on feedback from the coaches, the continued development of all other swimmers is progressing as we expect, so please do not feel disheartened if you have not moved this time, look at what you need to achieve below for next time and or speak to your coach.

Listed below are the moves and changes that have been agreed between all the coaches. As you will see, all are upwards, but as the Club becomes bigger in the future there maybe instances where a swimmer could be moved down a group if they are struggling to maintain the required levels.


Club Fees


Moving to

Group 2


Moving to

Group 3


Moving to

Group 4


Moving to

Group 5


Moving to

Group 6

Riley McDonnell

  No Moves  

Ollie Brandwood


Eze Svichla-Fekete


Kate Hopper

Penny Reid


Pearce Clare


Luca Greene


Josie Reid

Ciara McKenna


Darcy Burnell-Smith


Ed Mayock



After every Assessment, the coaches review the criteria to ensure it is valid for the continued development of swimmers and the Club. The criteria for the next scheduled Assessment, when it is announced, will for the present remain the same.


If you have any queries regarding these moves of further questions about the Assessment Week, please feel free to talk to Geoff.


​Finally a very big thank you for all those who were able to help that week, these are the names I have (if I have missed your name off apologies for that and please let me know).

Without your support to the coaches, they cannot do a proper assessment.


Charlotte Eastaff
Chris Armond
Clare Williams
Frank Partridge
Guy Barlow
Katy Reid
Kit-Yi Greene
Laura Moss

Note - we had 27 vacant volunteer positions


Assessment Criteria