Assessment Week June - Current Status

Assessments from 18th June for All Groups - Moves & Changes Effective 1st Sept 18

The Assessment week has now been completed and the next stage is for the coaches to get together review the results and based on their knowledge of the swimmers, decide if and who should move up or down.

These changes will take effect from 1st Sept, giving all parents a chance to reschedule their dairies, as we all have to do at the start of each term laugh

Parents please remember also to amend your standing orders/payment for the 1st Sept please.


A very big thank you for all those who were able to volunteer, it is very much appreciated and allows our coaches to focus on the assessment rather than the "admin". If I have missed someone please let me know.

Unfortunately we did not get enough volunteers to fully cover all roles and therefore this will have impacted the week long assessments.

A very BIG THANK YOU to the following;


Charlotte Eastaff Chris Briers Helen Lawson Jo Harding
Keith Farnham Leona Johnson Louise Holden Marina Evans
Penny Harrison Simon Barnes Sue Crowther Victoria Ayles


Please remember, this exercise is to assess your swimmers on their abilities, coaches can't do this if they have to do all the poolside admin at the same time without having an impact, so please if you can volunteer to help at the next Assessment.

All our coaches too


The following swimmers have been identified as achieving the right level to move to the next group, well done to you all.

In this instance we do not have anyone moving down a group.

Group 1 to 2:   Group 2 to 3:   Group 3 to Group 4:   Group 4 to Group 5:
Lawson Gray   Katalin Cooper   Charles Smithies   Edward Mayock
Oliver Miles   Sophie Percival   Seren Diehl    
Matthew Ginn   Daniel Traynor   Lorenzo Evans    
    George Gray   Isabella Whitaker    
    Jessica Cutler   Lucy Bevan    
        Phoebe Goss    


Current Criteria Leaflet