Club Roles - Training, Courses & Guides

Berkhamsted Swimming Club is keen to develop both swimmers at all ages and adults within the Club, covering numerous areas.

Please see below the current opportunities for education in swimming.

Poolside Skills - Volunteers (no previous experience needed)

Learn the various roles and skills when helping on poolside, these can be achieved as follows;
  Club Nights Shadowing Roles

Within Club Nights we provide the opportunity for anyone (swimmer or adult) to try any role required to run a meet, from Referee, Starter, Judging, Chief Timekeeper, Timekeeper & marshals.

To quote a number of parents "it's more fun being on poolside than sitting in the gallery".

To try any role, please look for our Club Nights meets in our Events page and using the Job Sign Up, pick a job you want to try -

   Meet Specific Poolside volunteer Coordinator Role

Where the Club has a large number of swimmers attending an open or team meets, to help inexperienced volunteers and also to provide further diversity to the poolside volunteer role and support our swimmers and coaches, we also provide this role.

To try this role, again look for meets in our Events page where you will see the Volunteer Coordinator Role.


Volunteer Coordinator Outline

Duke of Edinburgh Award

We provide all swimmers the opportunity to volunteer to support the Club as part of their DofE requirements. almost all roles are possible as part of the DofE requirements, from poolside support, coaching as well as running the Club.

If you are interested in using swimming as your volunteering, please contact Geoff @  [email protected]

Coaching Courses

The Club now sponsors senior swimmers and adults in achieving the various Coaching Qualifications and join our coaching team, from Level 1 to Level 3 coaching courses.

These can also help senior swimmers contribute towards "A Level" PE courses.

  • Level 1 course - person must be 16 at the commencement of the course
  • Level 2 & 3 course - person must be 18 at the commencement of the course

Please find below the agreement for sponsorship by the Club.

Course dates vary, however if you are interested in taking up this opportunity then please contact Steve @ [email protected]


Coaching Sponsorship

Swimming Officials

All Clubs need officials, these required are from the initial roles of qualified Timekeepers through to Referees.

Via Swim England, the Club organises courses (normally free) to cover the various roles. The Club will then support each person in facilitating opportunities for mentoring and guidance.

If you are interested in doing one of these roles, please contact Mark @ http://[email protected]


The role involves a person at each lane to time the swimmer from start to finish.

You will need to stop and start a stopwatch at the beginning and end of a race, note the time on the appropriate form.

  Chief Timekeeper The role involves consolidating the time from the timekeepers, also act as backup for timekeeper, make a note of visual placings as swimmer finish and liaise with the referee.
  Judge 1 (J1) This role usually is initiated after becoming a qualified timekeeper. It involves knowledge and experience of being a timekeeper as well as monitoring swimmer turns.
  Judge 2 (J2) This role is achieved after qualifying as a J1, the role involves watching swimmers and ensuring all aspects of the stroke they are doing are within the rules.
  Judge 2s (J2s)

This role is achieved after qualifying as a J2, the role involves taking on the role of Starter and ensuring all aspects are within the rules.

Guide for doing starter role - internal meets

  Referee This role is achieved after qualifying as a J2s, the role involves being responsible for all aspects of the meet including safety and ensuring the meet is run within the rules.