Autumn Term Back to the Pool

Autumn Term - Back to the Pool - Commencing 2nd September 20



9th Sept Early Morning Session Email   Email explaining commencement of early morning sessions  
15th Sept Early Morning Sessions   At present we only have enough people for Friday mornings, please use the link at the bottom of the page  to sign up

        Orange Squad v2.0 Orange CLO v2.1
15th Sept CLO Rotas 2nd Sept Onwards    

Red Squad v2.9

Yellow Squad v2.7 Blue/Purple Squad v2.6  
  CLO Instructions   Instructions for doing the Covid Liaison Officer (CLO) role
5th Sept Training Schedules  
      Red Squad v2.2 Yellow Squad v2.2 Blue/Purple Squad v2.2 Green Squad v2.0
5th Sept Lane Allocations to follow  
6th Sept Update Email   Email explaining where we are with further progress and early mornings sessions
30th Aug Squad Schedules Email   Email explaining Autumn Term Training Schedules
26th Aug Purple Squad Email   Email to Purple Squad about possible sessions with Blue
24th Aug Reminder Booking Email   Reminder Email to all members to book Autumn term time sessions

20th Aug 

Term Time Email


Email to all members, booking term time sessions

20th Aug BSC Family ID's   List of unique ID's for each family


Links in Order


1)       Current Training Schedule

2)       Normal Session Covid Liaison Booking link


3)       Booking Form for Early Morning Sessions -

4)       Early Morning Covid Liaison Booking link


5)       2020 Annual Reregistration Process (please logon to our website first) –

6)       BSC Health Survey –

7)       Back to the Pool – BSC User Guidance and Requirements Document –

8)       BSC Final Confirmation (please logon to our website first) –


8)       BSC Video -