Autumn Term Back to the Pool

Autumn Term - Back to the Pool - Commencing 2nd December 20

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Additional Training Sessions - Recommencing Wednesday 2nd December - TBC
8)   Training Schedules
      Red Squad   v4.0 Yellow Squad v4.0 Blue/Purple Squad         v4.0 Green Squad    v4.0 Orange Squad  v4.0
    Lane Allocations
      Red Squad  v4.0 Yellow Squad v4.0 Blue/Purple Squad          v4.0 Green Squad    v4.0 Orange Squad    v4.0
7)   CLO Rotas - TBC
      Red Squad v? Yellow Squad v? Blue/Purple Squad v? Orange Squad v?
6)   Updated Covid Liaison Officer (CLO) Procedures v2.2
5) 2nd Nov Pool Closures and What The Club is Going To Do During Lockdown
4) 29th Oct Updated COVID 19 Responses & Actions - Parents, Coaches & Swimmers
3) 14th Oct Email to whole Club about Process Updates & Clarification - Pool Attendance
2)   6th Oct BSC User Guidance & Requirements v1.2
1)          20th Aug          BSC Family ID's   List of unique ID's for each family




A) Current Training Schedule

B) Covid Liaison Booking for 2nd Dec onwards - 

C) 2020 Annual Reregistration Process (please logon to our website first) –

D) BSC Health Survey –

E) BSC User Guidance and Requirements Document v1.2 –

F) BSC Final Confirmation (please logon to our website first) –


Swimming Pool Videos

G) BSC Video Berkhamsted Leisure Centre

H) BSC Video Abbot's Hill School

I) BSC Video Knox Johnston


Attendance Records
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