Land Training

Land Training

To optimise strength and power, competitive swimmers need to supplement their pool training with land training in the gym

What are the Objectives of Land Training?

The aims of land training are:

  • To build strength - particularly core strength;
  • To increase fitness levels;
  • To improve flexibility.

This training, when combined with water-based training, will noticeably improve swimming speed.

What are the Benefits?

By working the full range of movement of muscles and joints, the swimmers' stroke technique in the water will be improved through increased reach, power and efficiency.  The swimmer will gain more strength by working with resistance bands, machines and body weight exercises.  Land training will also help to reduce injuries as it targets the stabilizing muscles around the joints and so increases overall muscle/joint stability.

Increasing core strength will improve the swimmers posture, help their movements to be more efficient and improve the swimmer's body position in the water

Tailored Programme

All sportsmen at the top level will cross-train in order to achieve their goals.  Each will follow a carefully tailored programmers consisting of weight training, core work and flexibility to complement their sport's demands.  Our swimmers are too young to be doing a full weight program as their bodies are still growing and developing. The land training sessions will utilize resistance bands, machines and body weight exercises to achieve the same goals.  This is the first step to cross training, which will become increasingly important as they progress through their swimming careers.  These sessions’ will help our swimmers learn correct technique and execution of exercises whilst giving them knowledge of the body, how it works and how to look after it.

We will gently progress our swimmers from basic to more advanced exercises, as each child gains strength and body awareness. 

What Sessions are provided for swimmers?

Land training sessions are held twice weekly - on Mondays at North Herts Leisure Centre and at Archers Gym, Hitchin Swimming Centre on Fridays for swimmers in A and Blue squads and on Sundays for swimmers in B squad.  Attendance at all sessions is subject to minimum age criteria and attendance at Friday and Sunday sessions is by invitation only.  

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