Senior Water Polo

Senior Water Polo Section

The senior water polo section is open to anyone over the age of 18, and is open to both women and men. The senior water polo section is aimed at recreational players who wish to compete at an occasional friendly match and within the Herts ASA leagues.

In order to join the seniors, the following minimum competency is required:

1. Swim 4 lengths continuously front-crawl

2. Swim 2 lengths continuously of back-stroke

3. Swim 2 lengths continuously of breast-stroke

4. Tread water for 1 minute with head out of water.

The senior water polo coaching is based around skill development and putting these ideas into practice during training games within the Club. Emphasis is on having fun whilst improving both technique and stamina.

Senior water polo takes place at Hitchin Swimming Centre from 20:30 - 22:00 on Sunday evening. Players must join the ASA and Club (as ASA Cat 2 competitive swimmers) and pay, by standing order, a monthly fee of £15.

University Water Polo Section

Hitchin Swimming Club has a number of players who are university who wish to retain membership and train / play when they return from studies.

They are treated as Senior Water Polo Players and participate in Senior Sessions.

Players must be members of the ASA, join the Club (as ASA Cat 2 competitive swimmers) and pay an annual training fee (regardless of sessions attended) of £25.