Modernian SC is run by a small group of volunteers who support the Coaching Team with many administrative tasks.


There are several roles in the club for volunteers some are committee roles others on a weekly/fortnightly basis and some on an ‘as and when’ basis allowing parents to give as little or as much time as they can.



As part of our contract at Bedford Modern School we are required to have additional ‘eyes’ poolside at each training session.  We have a rota for all BMS sessions and many parents help us with this vital role. The ‘eyes’ role involves sitting poolside watching the pool, from time to time Coaches may involve you recording times and you are asked to assist in packing away flags and lane ropes at the end of a session.


Without our poolside ‘eyes’ sessions would not be able to go ahead.


Team Managing

At Open meets and Club galas it is a requirement to send a Team Manger to supervise swimmers while they are poolside waiting for their events.  MSC have a bank of TM’s and we are able to share the load at busy weekends and you may be asked to do 1 session or 1 day. There is a Swim England TM course to complete to become a TM, you are also required to complete a DBS and attend a Safeguarding course - all of this is arranged by MSC


We welcome volunteers at MSC, if you have time to give please speak to a committee member at the pool or email



Technical Swimming Officials

Swimming officials are required to ensure that rules are observed and competition is fair.  Within England, the ASA provides guidelines on how many officials are required for each type of event and what their roles should be.  You have probably seen officials dressed in white surrounding the pool and wondered who they are and what they do.
The Various Roles
Timekeepers – measure the time taken by the swimmer to complete the course.
Judges – observe whether the swimmer complies with the relevant rules during the race.
Starter – gives the signal to start the race.
Referee – has full control of the competition, is responsible for health & safety and ensures that the competition is fair and swimming laws are upheld.  Only the referee can disqualify a swimmer.
Special courses are available for officials at disability and open water events.  A licensing scheme ensures that officials’ qualifications and experience remains current as the rules and conduct of swimming competitions evolves.
Why we need officials
With effect from March 2015, the ASA has tightened criteria regarding the provision of officials at licensed meets. It is not permissible for anyone qualified as a timekeeper with no further training to fulfil any of the designated roles at a meet licensed at Level 1, 2, or 3 — this includes County and Regional Championships and all Open Meets. Even for a Level 4 meet (such as Club last chance), additional training is required for the Chief Timekeeper role. These changes mean that having suitably qualified officials is more important than ever before.  The club currently has several officials in training and any parent is very welcome to join them — it is possible to learn at your own pace under the guidance of a mentor.  No prior experience is required.
Without your willingness to complete the training programme to become a qualified official and to support your club on poolside, the swimmers would be unable to compete.
If you would like to know or understand what exactly is required why not come poolside and get some first hand experience.
Contact our Officials Coordinator