Junior Squad

The Junior Squad

The Junior squad is the first rung of the ladder into training to become a competitive swimmer. Swimmers are selected for entering open meets, and for club competitions, like the national junior league and trophy competitions. The main aim for this group is to develop their skills, and to start to learn how to race, which is a skill in itself.

The emphasis on this group is centred on forming co-ordination and development within the four strokes. Training sessions are structured on each aspect of swimming, in particular basic endurance and speed. The programme is designed to provide the individual with the relevant skills in order to make the transition from lessons into competitive swimming smoothly.

Swimming Optimisation Training (SOT) is dry land training and stretching is introduced at this stage. It is important that the individual shows a level of commitment to the programme; it is required that they are punctual and attend as many training sessions as possible.

Junior Squad Training Schedule (Pre-Covid)

If you are interested in joining the junior squad contact the Head Coach or the Membership Secretary for a trial.