Senior Squad

The Senior Squad

The Senior Squad (also known in the club as Group 1) is the pinnacle of the swimming structure at Modernian Swimming Club. The main aim for this group is to aspire to become elite swimmers, to strive to work to the best of their ability and to achieve their “Olympics” whether this is Bedfordshire County, Regional or National qualification and beyond.


The emphasis on this group is centred on preparing the individual for high level competition. Training sessions are structured on refining stroke skills, improving speed, endurance and enhancing mental awareness. The programme is designed to address the individual’s strengths by means of stroke/distance specialisation.

Swimming Optimisation Training (SOT) is continued by means of body/weight strength training, stretch cords, Swiss ball and medicine ball exercises.


Important organisational/life skills such as time management and values of nutrition will be introduced.

Individuals are expected to show a high level of commitment by showing determination, discipline and dedication to succeed.


Morning sessions may be required. Swimmers are expected to train as much as they can commit to, with a minimum attendance of six sessions per week.


Senior Squad (Group 1) Training Schedule can be viewed in the Team Calendar for an accurate timetable, but the general timetable is shown below. Sessions are normally held at Trinity Pool, Bedford unless timetable states Luton or Robinson. Click here to see information on the Pools we use.



If you are interested in joining the senior squad contact the Head Coach or the Membership Secretary for a trial.