Training & Membership Fees

Training and Membership Fees

The fee is an annual fee for training (including any holiday periods), spread over 12 monthly payments. It is not a monthly pay-as-you-go. One month notice at the start of a month must be given if you decide to leave.

Fees are payable in advance every month by standing order.  There is also an annual membership fee payable on October 1st.  The amount varies depending upon the squad / group and it is not pro-rata’d for those joining part way through the year.  The current rates are :-


Annual Fee

  Monthly fee 

 Annual Membership

 Performance 1




 Performance 2




 Junior 1




 Junior 2




Learn To Swim

​ £300

​ £25

​ £42





 Masters plus




* Masters have the option of swimming one or two sessions per week. Masters Plus can swim three or more times per week.

Fees for existing members, fees may be reduced at the discretion of the Membership Secretary in cases where a swimmer is physically unable to swim for a period (normally through illness or injury).  This does not relate to those cases where a swimmer chooses not to swim due to other commitments.