Roll of Honour

On this page we will be publishing the names of all our swimmers that qualify to compete in the County Championships, ASA East Regional Championships, ASA Zonal Championships and the ASA National Championships. This is a “roll of achievement” so well done to all those that are listed below. If you qualify and your name is not listed please email with the details of your qualifying swim and once verified your name will be added.

Congratulations and good luck to the following 53 swimmers who have qualified for Herts County Championships 2019 : –

Girls Boys
Abigail Rock Adam Martin
Amelie Grime Alexander Ball
Amy Mason Alexander Feeney
Dayna Shepperson Alfie Francis
Eliza Connery Calum Tilley
Emily Clarke Charlie Clarke
Emily Lush Charlie Stanbury
Emily-Taylor Sanders Daniel Meier
Gabriela Gomez Pavon Danny Foreman
Georgina Tallon Elliot Ball
Harriet Newman Ethan Howard
Jade Bentley Jack Barnard
Jasmine Pereira Jack Patrick
Jessica Bright Jack Savage
Jessica Heesom Jake Moore
Keely White James Renton
Lilly Blount James Smith
Louise Savage Joshua Heesom
Lucy Whytock Kai Adams
Olivia Kavanagh Koby Cornwell
Sophie Taylor Louis Hochenberg
Tasneem Aiteouakrim Luke Martell
Thea Patel Matthew Honeyman
Zoe Calfe Noah Cornwell
  Oscar Eagle
  Samuel Barnett
  Samuel Oakley
  Thomas Stanbury
  Tolu Elesin



The following swimmers have qualified for the 2018 East regional short course championship (winter regionals): 

Girls  Boys
Jessica Heesom Tolu Elesin
Emily Lush Alfie Francis
Harriet Newman Matthew Honeyman
Georgina Tallon Adam Martin
  Thomas Stanbury


Congratulations to Georgina Tallon and Emily Lush who qualified for the finals of the Swim England National Summer Championships.

Congratulations to Georgina Tallon who swam in the British Nationals in the 50m fly.

The following swimmers qualified for 2018 ASA East Regional Championships:

Girls Boys
Lilly Blount Koby Cornwall
Dayna Shepperson Noah Cornwall
Eliza Connery Josh Heesom
Katie Conyers Ethan Howard
Katie Harrison Alex Mason
Jess Heesom Jake Moore
Emily Lush Jack Savage
Harriet Newman Oscar Eagle
Georgina Tallon Tolu Elesin
  Alfie Francis
  Matthew Honeyman
  Adam Martin
  Samuel Oakley
  David Shipman

Dayna, Ethan, Alfie, Emily and Georgina made the Finals and Georgina won 2 Bronze medals in 50 & 100 Fly.


The following have qualified for County Champs 2018 : –

Girls Boys
Lilly Blount Elliot Ball
Jessica Bright Billy Barber
Eliza Connery Koby Cornwall
Katie Conyers Noah Cornwall
Temi Elesin Tolu Elesin
Katie Harrison Alexander Feeney
Jessica Heesom Joshua Foreman
Emily Lush Alfie Francis
Amy Mason Josh Heesom
Harriet Newman Matthew Honeyman
Thea Patel Ethan Howard
Dayna Shepperson Daniel Lush
Georgina Tallon Luke Martell
Yasmin Wheeler Adam Martin
Keely White Alex Mason
  Jake Moore
  Samuel Oakley
  Jack Patrick
  Benji Refson
  James Renton
  Daniel Rinkoff
  Jack Savage
  David Shipman
  Charlie Stanbury

Thomas Stanbury

Finalists were:

Billy Barber, Lilly Blount, Eliza Connery, Katie Conyers, Koby Cornwall, Noah Cornwall, Alexander Feeney, Alfie Francis, Jessica Hessom, Joshua Hessom, Ethan Howard,  Daniel Lush, Emily Lush, Adam Martin, Alexander Mason, Jake Moore, Samuel Oakley, Thea Patel, Benji Refson, Jack Savage, Dayna Shepperson, David Shipman, Charlie Stanbury, Georgina Tallon, Keely White,

Medalists were:


Thea Patel 10/11 - 1 Gold – 200 free; 3 Silver – 100 back/ 50 free/ 200 back; 2 Bronze - 100 fly/ 50 back

Lilly Blount 12 - 1 Bronze – 50 breast

Dayna Shepperson 13 - 2 Bronze – 50 breast/ 200 breast

Jess Heesom 15 - 4 Bronze – 200 free/ 400 free/ 400 IM/ 800 free

Georgina Tallon 16 & over 1 Gold – 50 fly; 2 Silver - 100 fly/ 50 free; 2 Bronze – 200 fly/ 100 IM


Koby Cornwall 10/11 - 4 Gold - 100 fly/ 200 free/ 50 back/ 50 fly;1 Silver – 400 free;3 Bronze - 100 free/ 50 free/ 100 IM

Ethan Howard 10/11 - 2 Gold – 200 breast/ 200 fly; 4 Silver – 100 fly/ 200 free/ 50 fly/ 100 IM; 2 Bronze – 200IM/ 200 back

Jake Moore 12 -3 Gold - 100 free/ 50 free/ 100IM; 1 Silver - 100 back; 2 Bronze – 50 breast; 200 breast

Alfie Francis 15 - 1 Gold – 50 breast; 3 Bronze – 100 breast/ 200 breast/ 100 IM

Daniel Lush – 16 & over - 1 Bronze – 50 free

Adam Martin – 16 & over - 1 Silver – 50 free

David Shipman 16 & over - 2 Silver – 100 breast/ 50 breast; 1 Bronze – 100 IM


Girls Championship PB A Team – Emily Lush; Kelly Dunn; Georgina Tallon; Katie Conyers

Gold – 200 Medley  & 200 free

Boys Championship PB A Team – Daniel Lush; David Shipman; Daryl Mason; Adam Martin

Silver – 200—Medley and 200 free