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Training Schedule

Training Schedule as from 1/9/21  


All sessions are held at Tring Sports Centre unless otherwise stated.


Training Commitments - County

For every length in training:  

Pushing Off

  1. Use the clock – go on the exact time to help your teammates.  Every 5 secs, not every 4 or 6.
  2. Push off properly – practice your turn movement every push off.
  3. STREAMLINE – practice, practice, practice…
  4. Fast dolphin kicks till your FEET reach past the flags, EVERY time.
  5. Never breathe in the red zone – flags to wall to flags.  Never breathe on your first stroke

Tumble Turns

  1. ACCELERATE into every turn
  2. HEAD DOWN into your turns – eyes down, drive your head steadily below the surface to start the turn, tuck your chin to your chest
  3. PRESS your hands down/towards your face – never “spin your arms”
  4. DRIVE your knees to your chest for a fast-spin tumble turn
  5. Push off on your back in perfect streamline