Group Structures

*Please note Club Training is currently suspended due to the National Lockdown Restrictions*




Hailsham SC returned to swimming training in a phased way from Friday 31 July 2020 following the initial Phase 1 and 2 training programme up to the end of August. From Tuesday 2 September 2020 the Club entered into Phase 3 of its training programme, and is now continuing this into Phase 4 with the slightly amended timetable provided below. The Club Committee have now agreed the reinstatement of monthly training fees as circulated in the Chairman Update (19 October). 

COVID Officers - details of officers can be found here.

An UPDATE FROM OUR COACHING STAFF on the progress of all of our coaching and teaching squads can be found here.


**Ends on Sunday 20th December 2020 and restarts Sunday 3 January 2021**

Please note that with the reinstatement of monthly training fees, this phase is establishing formal training bubbles and as such the Performance Groups have been renamed to ensure there are the appropriate amount of swimmers in each group. Some swimmers have therefore moved groups to ensure our training bubbles can operate effectively. Swimmers will also now always swim in the same training lane to ensure they not come into unnecessary contact with other swimmers in the group. As such this will ensure that if there are positive COVID cases within the club then only a smaller number of swimmers will need to isolate. Fitness land training will also restart with a planned on-line fitness session once a week, for which details will be communicated to Performance swimmers on a weekly basis.  

Day Training Location  Time Hours Groups Max
Monday Hailsham Freedom 1900-2000 1         ST SK 24
Monday Hailsham Freedom 2000-2100 1     P3 YM     24
Tuesday Uckfield Freedom 1845-2015 1.5 P1 P2         24
Thursday Uckfield Freedom 1845-2015 1.5 P1   P3       24
Friday Hailsham Freedom 1915-2045 1.5 P1 P2         24
Saturday Hailsham Freedom 0800-0900 1     P3 YM     24
Saturday Hailsham Freedom 0900-1000 1         ST SK 24
Saturday Uckfield Freedom 1515-1645 1.5 P1 P2         24
Sunday Bexhill B/Abbey Prep 1400-1530 1.5 P1 P2 P3       36
Once A Week On-Line Fitness Training Session 1 hour (Date/Time tbc) 1 P1 P2 P3        
P1 Performance 1                  
P2 Performance 2                  
P3 Performance 3                  
YM Youth and Masters                  
ST Stamina                  
SK Stroke 1&2                  

Note: Maximum Group numbers have been determined based on the amended Swim England Guidance (20 July) and ability for single lane swimming. Further sessions may be added in due course. 

Alternative Training Timetable for the Christmas Period - Covers the period Monday 21st December to Thursday 31st December 2020

*Registration for these sessions has now closed*

We have managed to arrange a number of sessions in the lead up to Christmas and between Christmas and New Year. Our existing timetable will restart on Sunday 3 January 2021. These sessions are for allocated groups and relevant lane bubbles. We require swimmers to register specifically for these sessions so we can try to accommodate additional university/college member swimmers into the group bubbles and maximise pool space. Registrations must be completed by Friday 18th December 2020.  

Day Date Location Time Hours Groups
Monday 21-Dec Uckfield Freedom 1800-1900 1         ST SK
Tuesday  22-Dec Uckfield Freedom 1800-1900 1 P1 P2        
Wednesday 23-Dec Bexhill B/Abbey Prep 1830-2000 1.5 P1 P2 P3      
Sunday 27-Dec Bexhill B/Abbey Prep 1400-1530 1.5 P1 P2 P3      
Monday 28-Dec Hailsham Freedom 0900-1000 1     P3 YM    
Monday 28-Dec Hailsham Freedom 1000-1100 1         ST SK
Tuesday 29-Dec Uckfield Freedom 1400-1500 1 P1 P2        
Wednesday 30-Dec Bexhill B/Abbey Prep 1830-2000 1.5 P1 P2 P3      
Thursday 31-Dec Uckfield Freedom 1400-1500 1 P1   P3      



Land Training Fitness Sessions



 Led by Natalie Weston, Fitness Trainer

The following on-line sessions will be run via zoom calls, with details being provided to all performance swimmers in advance of the sessions in order that you can log on to the sessions. Please attend as many sessions as you can to enhance your fitness for your swimming sessions. 

Date Time Groups Session Type
Monday 9 November 6.30-7.30pm P1, P2, P3 Overall Fitness
Monday 16 November 7-8pm P1, P2, P3 Speed/Power
Monday 23 November 6.30-7.30pm P1, P2, P3 Muscular Endurance
Wednesday 25 November 7-8pm P1, P2, P3 Overall Fitness
Monday 30 November  6.30-7.30pm P1, P2, P3 Strength/Flexibility
Wednesday 2 December 7-8pm P1, P2, P3 Overall Fitness
Monday 7 December 6.30-7.30pm P1, P2 Fitness Test
Wednesday 9 December 7-8pm P1, P2, P3 Overall Fitness
Monday 14 November  6.30-7.30pm P1, P2 Muscular Endurance
Wednesday 16 December 7-8pm P1, P2, P3 Overall Fitness

Studio Sessions - additional sessions will be advertised externally by Natalie Weston for focussed group sessions of 6 swimmers at a gym facility in Polegate. These will be pay per session and will be organised externally from the club but will be open exclusively to club swimmers.

Examples of Challenge sets can be found below:

Challenge Set 1

Challenge Set 2

Challenge Set 3

Challenge Set 4

Challenge Set 5

Protocols and Procedures for Training Venues:

Those Members that did not attend the Return to Training Briefing on 30 July 2020 should consult the following presentation which relates to the use of Freedom Leisure Hailsham and Bedes Senior School here

Additional Information related to Use of Uckfield Leisure Centre can be found below:

Uckfield Leisure Centre - Protocols and Procedures

Uckfield Leisure Centre - Pool Layout

Additional Information related to the Use of Bexhill, Battle Abbey Prep. School can be found below:

BEXHILL Battle Abbey Prep School - Protocols and Procedures

Return to Training Action Plan

All Members must have read the Return to Training Action Plan (updated on 30 July), which can be downloaded with its supporting Risk Assessments below:

Return to Training Action Plan (V7 7 Sep 2020)

Risk Assessment - Freedom Leisure, Hailsham (Updated 30 Sep 2020) 

Risk Assessment - Uckfield Leisure Centre

Risk Assessment - Bedes School

Risk Assessment - Bexhill, Battle Abbey Prep School  

Risk Assessment - Outdoor Pool

Risk Assessment - Other External Swim Facility

Risk Assessment - Land Training

Risk Assessment - Learn to Swim

Risk Assessment - First Aid



Implementation of a new training structure took place in January 2020

Squad criteria - Please CLICK HERE for the latest version of the criteria for each of our swimming groups.

Performance Squads (Gold, Silver & Bronze) 

These are the top three competitive swimming squads with highly motivated swimmers, striving to improve performance. Swimmers will maximise their performance in training and compete regularly, reaching County standard or further. Swimmers show commitment to training and personal development.


(1)     County standard or higher
(2)     Commitment to competitions
(3)     Represent the club to the highest level
(4)     Develop understanding of nutrition and anatomy/physiology   


Masters & Youth/Fitness Squad

Senior Squad swimmers are at a high standard, but cannot commit to the high training schedule required in Performance Squad. This is the club's Youth and Fitness squad which also encorporates the Masters group.


(1)     To enjoy competing and performing well
(2)     To develop technique and speed
(3)     To encourage participation of all ages
(4)     Commitment to competitions and representing the club

Stamina Group

The Stamina Squad is swimmers who are primarily developing their stamina, progressing to a level where they can swim efficiently and effectively for a long period. They show enthusiasm to develop their swimming technique and skills. 


(1)     To develop the stamina of swimmers
(2)     To encourage participation in club championships and galas
(3)     To develop understanding of stroke technique
(4)     Progress within the swimming club

Stroke Groups (Stroke 1 & Stroke 2)

The Stroke Group contains swimmers who have met the assessment requirement for the Club. The key aim is to introduce effective technique for all strokes, to improve the swimmer’s efficiency within the water. 


(1)      To develop effective techniques on all strokes
(2)     To meet ASA Diving into water standards
(3)     To enjoy learning and developing swimming skills
(4)     Progress within the swimming club 

Learn to Swim Teaching (LTS) Groups (Stages 1-7)

The LTS group follows the British Swimming/Swim England Teaching stages 1-7 leading to a the next stage of meeting the requirements of Stroke group. This typically contains young swimmers who are developing water confidence, breathing patterns, stroke technique and kicking skills.


(1)      To improve water confidence
(2)      To work towards the club entry level requirements (Stroke group)
(3)      To enjoy the experience of swimming